This year, don’t just tell your best friend you love them—show them with a really awesome gift. If the two of you are Golden Girls fans, then there’s no better gift than the Golden Girls edition of Monopoly.

That way, you and your BFF can hunker down with some cheesecake and spend the evening purchasing properties like Shady Pines and Blanche’s bedroom. Put the show on in the background (pro tip: it’s available for streaming on Hulu!), and round out the night by discussing which one of you is Dorothy and which one is Blanche. By the end of the night, your bestie will be singing “Thank You for Being a Friend.”

Read on to find out all the details about this ridiculously fun gift and discover some surprising facts about your favorite TV show.

Seriously, it’s the best gift ever.

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Hop over to Amazon to grab a copy for your bestie. You can binge watch the show while you wait for it to arrive.

You still get to collect $200 as you pass Go.

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The Chance and Community Chest cards are Golden Girls-themed, and of course you can also land yourself in jail just like in classic Monopoly.

Even the pieces are iconic.

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For your piece, choose between a cheesecake, Stan's toupee, Rose's teddy bear, Sophia's purse, Blanche's mirror, and candied herring.

Get ready for hours of entertainment.

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But watch out: you might have to contribute to the cheesecake fund, pay Blanche’s income taxes, or go on an impromptu shopping spree.

The cast could have been completely different.

Betty White was originally up for the role of Blanche and Rue McClanahan was up for the role of Rose. Crazy, right?!

The show was inspired by a real-life experience.

Brandon Tartikoff got the idea for the series while visiting his aunt, who would constantly bicker with her best friend.

The house shown in exterior shots is actually in Los Angeles.

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Although the series took place in Miami, the house that was used for exterior shots was actually in LA.

The series finale in 1992 was watched by 27.2 million people.

That’s a lot of people! For comparison, 26.5 million people watched the Oscars in 2018. Be sure to share this story with your Golden Girls-loving friends!