In the latest story in the world of animal news, 2 inseparable golden retriever best friends who do everything together have been reunited, and it is the most wholesome thing you will ever see. I promise.

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Animals truly make our world go round...

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And there's nothing on this earth that's much purer than the love of our animals.

Well, apart from the love animals hold for each other.

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Sometimes, even different species of animals will strike up the most unlikely of friendships, and we are here for it all. 

Animal friendships are so pure.

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So, to kick things off in a suitable fashion, keep scrolling to see a selection of the cutest animal friendships...

Tinni the dog and Sniffer the wild fox.

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The pair met in a Norwegian forest.

And now they've become best friends!

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While on a walk, Tinni and his owner, Torgeir Berge, were on a walk together in the forest when they met a wild fox.

The pair instantly hit it off...

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And now every time they visit the forest, the pair meet up to play around with each other despite all their differences.

Isn't that just the cutest thing you've ever heard?

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The experience has changed Berge’s mind about Norway’s fox-fur trade. He now wants to help work to ban the hunting of foxes. We love it!

Champy the horse and Morris the cat.

According to their owner, this pair has been best friends for the past 6 years.

And their loving bond makes for some good photo opportunities.

That rainbow really pulls everything together.

They even have cute outfits!

This photograph was titled: "You look this way and I'll look the other." They always have a watchful eye over the farm.

Dog and horse.

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Keeping with the subject of horses, now we have a budding friendship between a horse and a dog. And as you can see, they're really fond of each other.

Now, the next friendship might not be as unusual as a dog and a hamster.

But, it's certainly just as cute.

Meet the golden retrievers who are inseparable.

Kevin and best pal, Captain met just one year ago when introduced to each other by their owners and have been joined at the hip ever since.

The 2 pooches from Tampa in Florida both have Instagram accounts where they share cute snaps and videos meeting up with each other.

One video posted on Kevin's Instagram shows the pooches reuniting after being kept apart during the lockdown.

As Captain arrives in a car with the window down, Kevin runs over excitedly and jumps up to greet his bestie.

Another even shows the pair enjoying a romantic dinner together.

They're such good friends, they have sleepovers with each other.

Captain's Instagram captured and shared their first sleepover where they played with each other, wore special pajamas and watched a movie.

Best friends forever.

Kevin's owner Elysse Gorney, twenty-eight, spoke to the Daily Star and explained that she found that Captain was from the same area through Instagram.

After talking, they planned a play date for Kevin and Captain and the rest is history.

"They hang out at least three times a week. They love to wrestle and play but in the past they have had sleepovers, movie nights, and outings downtown," she explained.

And there are no worries about the pair misbehaving.

Both Kevin and Captain are very well behaved.

"I think it's just working on basic obedience first and when we feel comfortable enough and confident that they will stay,"

"We put them on the golf cart. They both love it."

Followers on their Instagram have fallen in love with the pair...

One viewer wrote "This video is sooooo cute!!!"

Another said "Can’t handle your bromance, too stinking cute."

One even claimed, "Dynamic duo - moving to Florida just so I can hang with you guys."

Can we move there too?

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