There are many different ways to bond with your pet. Some people like to exercise with their dogs, taking them for jogs in the park. Others like to play fetch, cuddle, carry them around in their purse... You get the picture. And then there's Ursula. Ursula Aitchison is a photographer who loves her dog Hugo (and we don't blame her. Hugo is super adorable). The way she chooses to spend time with him is to photograph him dressed up and taking part in very human-like activities.

Luckily, Hugo is totally game for this. He is a total ham in front of the camera and poses like it's his job. It kind of is now because Ursula and Hugo's Instagram account, @hugoandursula, has gained such an incredible following. The perfect pair has almost 20,000 followers, so it is safe to say that Hugo is a certified Internet star. And like, just wait until you see him in front of the camera.

This is Hugo and Ursula.

They have matching pajama sets. Of course. Hugo is clearly a very handsome dog, but I don't think you understand just how photogenic he is.

At the salon

Hugo is secure enough in his masculinity to share the fact that he keeps up with his grooming.

Bored hipster

This is what happens when you're a dog hipster stuck inside on a sunny day. Even the fact that you have really cool glasses can't make up for your doggy hipster blues.

Wine o'clock

Would you look at this pose? The pup is a born model, I swear. We've all been drinking and texting and making faces like this before...

Workout pup

Are you ready to get physical? The look on Hugo's face says he's a personal trainer who has no mercy.

Snow buddies

Hugo looks cooler in a jacket than I ever look in anything. He's a straight-up supermodel.

Alone at the bar

Hugo is playing the part of the recently divorced college professor who doesn't know what to do with himself when he doesn't have class so he sits at the bar in the middle of the day and reads.

Drink up

And here, Hugo is the devastatingly beautiful academic who divorced the professor and is now living her best life drinking martinis at two in the afternoon and looking gorgeous.

Mani/pedi time

When you're a dog, do you get all four paws matching? The front two and back two? Right side and left side? I have so many questions.


Ah yes, reading Kafka at the breakfast table in a green suit. The mark of a true intellectual.

Commuter dog

I would like to know where Ursula and Hugo live where the public buses are this clean and empty. I've never seen this before.

Café chat

What, you don't sit at a café with your latté and your notebook and your sunglasses on even though you're inside and your shirt, which has a picture of you on it?


Sometimes you just gotta put on headphones, blast your favorite tunes, read a book, and drink some tea. Actually, that sounds very perfect right now.

Off to work

It's amazing what dogs can get away with in the workplace because they're so cute. Hugo's not even wearing pants!

Holiday doggo

Nothing says Christmas like a pointy red hat and a giant chalice of mulled wine. Hugo knows what's up.

Washing dishes

Wow, Hugo is making the exact same face that I do when I have to do dishes. What a coincidence!

Portrait sesh

Um, I love this very much. I think more dogs should wear turtlenecks. It makes them look very dignified.

Good dude

Not only is Hugo clearly a good boy, but in this photo, you can also tell he's a good dude.

Brushing teeth

Hugo is extra adorable in this photo! He has a tough time brushing his teeth due to the fact that he doesn't have opposable thumbs and all that.

Training time

For some dogs, training means learning to sit or stay. For Hugo, it means pumping iron.

Sherlock Bones

I'm glad that Ursula and Hugo are dressed as detectives. "Sherlock Bones" is the Instagram caption. Otherwise, I might think they're flashers.

Road trip

I don't trust dogs to drive cars, but if there was a dog I'd trust to drive a car, Hugo would definitely be that dog.

Spa day

Hugo legit looks relaxed and super happy. Look at the smile on his face. Someone is getting a treat, and that treat is a cucumber facial.

Paper in bed

Look, Hugo is an influencer, and as such, he has to photograph himself candidly doing all sorts of activities. He's always reading the newspaper in bed with sunglasses on, so he wanted to share that with his followers.


Oh, that's what we call it when you dress up and pretend to remake a Kylie Minogue music video. It's Minogue-ing.

After-work nap

We all wish we could plop down on the couch after work and just nap it out. Sometimes that's not possible.

Friendship hang

Sometimes you just need to chill with your buddy, hang out, and do some fun things (a.k.a. drink and complain about work).


This is too funny. You put eyes on anything, and I automatically think it's adorable, so this got me good.

Bath time

Hugo's got all the best products to make sure his coat is shiny and clean and smelling great. Gotta love a bath.

Drink time

For all Hugo's human attributes, sometimes we're reminded that he is a dog after all. Share this with someone to put a smile on their face!