A golden retriever has recently gone viral for the fact that he takes the responsibility for putting his children on the school bus every morning.

It's the cutest thing ever. Have a look at the pictures for yourselves...

A golden retriever has stolen our hearts.

Bentley is making all of us all melt with his kind acts.

It just goes to show that dogs truly are a man's best friend.

Or an entire family's, in this particular case.

They help us in so many ways...

And this one little golden retriever does the most adorable job to help his family.

Bentley lives with Melissa Nixon in Amherst, New York...

And he is very protective of his family. He makes sure he walks Melissa's's 2 little girls, who have now become his girls too, out to the school bus every morning.

That's right, the 4-month-old pup never misses a day.

According to Melissa, he's been doing this ever since he joined their family. He really has a special bond with them.

The photos show him watching as 6-year-old Kylie and 5-year-old McKenna get on the bus.

In an interview with the Daily Star, Melissa explained that Bentley is always determined to get the job done.

She said this:

“He’s been walking them out to the bus ever since he joined our family. The funny thing is that with him being energetic and playful he takes his job of walking the kids to the bus very seriously."

She continued:

“The bus driver and monitor say hi to him every morning and he sits very strong and still until he makes sure the kids are safe and then he turns back into his goofy self!"

She also talked about how he loves visiting the day-care.

“Sometimes he’s able to go with to pick up the kids and walks right in to greet all of the children."

“He’s such a great pup and learned everything really quickly."

Have a look at these heartwarming pictures for yourselves.

Isn't he just adorable?

Melissa and her family are a very lucky bunch.

Our hearts are melting!

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