Welcome to quarantine: where restaurants aren't open and you have to cook your own meals! Thanks to this exciting new world we live in, everyone and their grandma has started flexing their cooking chops...and the results have been mixed, to say the least. Suddenly Instagram is the food channel, and your friend from high school has weirdly impressive cake decorating skills. But there's also that one picture of the absolutely destroyed muffins, so it evens out.

If you're too stir-crazy to sort through the exploits of all the new home chefs, we've got your back. We've compiled the good, the bad, and the ugly of home-cooking in quarantine, and here we present it all to you. A feast for the eyes. A chance to drool. A chance to say "thank god no one is feeding me that."

And if you feel inspired, maybe you can share your amazing home cooking too. It's what everyone else is doing.

We promise we'll get to some of the successes.

But we have to start with this utterly adorable fail: sure, they were supposed to be bunnies, but now these cats are so dang cute I couldn't even eat them.

Excuse me while I drool.

Not only does this duck look delicious, it also has an incredibly sweet birthday story to go with it.

I'm in awe that people are even attempting these at home.

Cream puffs sound like heaven right now. Who wants to send some to the 22 Words office?

And then there's...this?

It might taste good, but it looks like some kind of unholy creation that should never have been allowed.

Some home cooking experiments end in tragedy.

It was such a beautiful roll, so pastel and springy. Until the dog appeared and took what he wanted.


I don't think most of us appreciated bread properly until now, but these days a picture of a well-baked loaf is like looking at pure gold.

And just look at these beautiful bagels.

They look professionally done. Kudos to the home chef who made this quarantine delicacy.

There's something about quarantine that just really inspires cake-decorating.

Just look at this beauty. If we all had to go to work, there's no way people would be sinking hours into this kind of edible artwork.

And it's not just about the frosting.

This cake is showing some impressive technique. Look at those layers! Look at that beautiful crumble on top! This would probably get a Hollywood Handshake if it went on Bake-Off.

Now we've spent a lot of time focused on the sweet side of things.

But this savory dish looks exquisite. Some of these home chefs aren't just showing off their cooking skills, they've also taken photography to the next level.

And because we have so much time on our hands...

Many people are producing quite a lot of impressive home cooking. I would like to live with this cake-maker please.

I definitely would rather be around master cake-baker than horror peep creator.

Two questions: why would you want to make your own Peeps? And why would you share them when they turned out looking like yellow walruses?

Some home chefs are trying out new techniques.

If you're celebrating a special occasion at home, you have to make it good. Why not try your first flambe?

Simplicity can be beautiful too.

This loaf is nothing fancy: it's classic, it's simple, and it's 100% gorgeous. I would like it in my tummy now.

But let's not leave out our fancy friends.

Look at those colors! I would eat the entire thing in one sitting.

The browning on this crust forces us to put it in the category of: good.

Tarts are like cakes for people who don't want frosting, and that's ok.

If I were eating like this every night I'd be ok staying in quarantine forever.

Who needs other people when you have the perfect homemade pho?

And if you want to take things to the next level, make your own pasta.

Sure it's not the prettiest picture, but it's still freshmade pasta and that wins every day.


That avocado garnish takes this dish from good to great. 10/10.

I do not understand how anyone could see this and not be impressed.

It's so picturesque and also so tasty. If this girlfriend is not properly appreciating tacos, I will take them in her stead.

Here's a classic.

Just a very good looking chocolate cake. It might not win for prettiest, but it sure does look like something we'd all like to eat.

When I say I'm making croissants I mean I'm about to whack open one of those Pillsbury tubes.

So these home-made croissants are impressive not just for being ambitious, but also because they turned out looking even nicer than the storebought ones.

Dang look at this plating.

This one definitely scores high on presentation, and if you're a fan of risotto you know they're going to satisfy that itch.

Some of this beautiful food is coming with a side-helping of weird.

4 a.m. baking? Don't mind if I do. It's quarantine, time is meaningless.

This one definitely falls into the "ugly" category.

But it is also genius. Excuse me, I have to go make some mac and cheese quesadillas: double the carbs, double the cheese.

Oh, no.

What has happened to this ugly bunny? Why are his eyes like that? Why?

If you're without implements for frying food, these samosas probably look extra good right about now.

And extra points if that dipping sauce is homemade. Cheers chef.

Look at these beautiful crosses.

So shiny, so tempting. The truly baffling thing: how do all these home chefs have the self-control to photograph their amazing food before they eat it?

And then there's these boys.

You tried my friend. I'm sure they taste good, but the presentation is...lacking. Enjoyed this list? Stay tuned for people's hilariously horrible quarantine haircuts...