Google Tricks and Shortcuts That’ll Make Your Life Much Easier

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If you’re on mobile, all you’ve got to do is type in the name of an animal and you can view a full-scale, 3D version of the animal in AR. Viewing the animal in AR places a digital version of the animal in your camera so you can take all kinds of cute pictures with the animals you search for.

This one is so cool that we don’t want to ruin the surprise. Instead, we’ll just tell you how to do it. Start by simply typing “Thanos” into your Google search bar. Then click on the Infinity Guantlet. It should be somewhere on the right of the screen. Then, just watch what happens.

Sometimes you just need to play a quick game of Solitaire to pass the time and keep the boredom at bay. Lucky for you, Google has you covered. Navigate to the games and toys section of google and you’ll find a surplus of fun games and activities to keep you entertained. If you know you want play solitaire specifically, just type solitaire into the search bar and voila.

If you don’t have a dreidel handy, but want to play the game, all you have to do is type “spin a dreidel” into your Google search bar. On the results page, you’ll see a digital dreidel you can spin.

Maybe you have kids, and maybe you just love animals. No matter the reason, if you type “animal sounds” into your Google search bar, you’ll see a scrollable carousel full of animals. Click on one, and you’ll be able to hear the sound they make. There are plenty of cool animals on the list, some of which we weren’t even aware made sounds.

So rather than running a search and having Google give you results, let Google do the thinking and research for you with these 21 awesome tips for using the site. It’s getting closer and closer to becoming a personal assistant, and the best part is…it’s free!