Gordon Ramsay has come under serious fire this week for a comment he made on a contestant's teeth while appearing on a game show...

Has he finally taken it too far?


Scroll on to hear his incriminating comment for yourself...

Now, usually, Gordon Ramsay is one of the most celebrated chefs in the world.

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The British cook is well known for his short temper and no-nonsense cooking style, but it's safe to say that he's pretty damn good at what he does - which is cooking.

He quickly used his talent to make a name for himself in the world of television.

One of his most popular shows is Kitchen Nightmares, a show wherein Gordon helps restaurant owners to revamp their crumbling kitchens and transform them into the best places to eat in America.

But of course, Kitchen Nightmares never falls short in its bad language and temper tantrums. Let's not even get started on Hell's Kitchen...

Idiot Sandwich, anyone?

When it comes to cooking amazing food, Gordon isn't afraid to put people well and truly in their place.

He gets the job done...

His skills in the kitchen are renowned worldwide and he's known for not being afraid of trying new things.

But he is also unafraid of a little controversy.

With his colorful language and explosive temper in the kitchen, Gordon is forever coming under fire for his behavior towards other chefs.

His temper is what the star is criticized for the most...

Despite his foul-mouthed rants being the best selling point on his TV shows, many have labeled the chef as a "bully," and have slammed him for giving actual chefs the wrong kind of reputation.

But it isn't only chefs who come under Gordon's firing line.

As stated earlier, a TV show contestant faced the heat of Gordon's wicked sense of humor over the weekend, and fans are less than impressed.

While appearing on the British TV show, Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway, Gordon took part in a lip-reading game...


Which involved him attempting to understand what audience members from home were saying without any sound.

But, unfortunately for one particular entrant, named Lorna, things got personal as he continually failed to guess what she was saying.


As she listed different foods and ingredients, Gordon was visibly struggling to read what her lips were saying, and made a passing comment that her teeth were the reason he was struggling.

He said this:


"I can't... It's the gap in the teeth, I can't understand what she's saying."

The hosts laughed off his comment...


And Lorna herself seemed unfazed, and overall very excited over the prospect of winning £500.

Just ten minutes earlier, Ant and Dec had already been forced to apologize for the chef's bad language during the show. 

But did we expect anything less? You can watch the incriminating moment above.

Gordon is yet to comment on the backlash.