Australia is in the midst of one of the worst bushfire crises the world has seen. Since September, entire communities have been engulfed by relentless heat and fires.

The flames are showing no signs of slowing down - which means only one thing... death tolls are rising.

The country as a whole has been working tirelessly, including thousands of tradespeople signing up to work for free to help struggling communities.

And now, it has emerged that firey British chef, Gordon Ramsay, has been volunteering at a Melbourne food bank amid the devastation.

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Australia is being ravished by one of the worst bush fire crises the world has seen in decades.

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Due to soaring temperatures and one of the worst droughts in years, the relentless fires have been burning since September. We're currently in January. Just let that sink in.

New South Wales is suffering immensely at the moment.

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There have been fires reported in every state, but New South Wales is truly taking a beating by bush fires and is undoubtedly the hardest hit. More than 5,900 buildings have been destroyed.

NSW declared a state of emergency last month.

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What does this mean? Well, it grants "extraordinary powers" to the NSWRFS commissioner, including the authority to allocate government resources and direct government agencies in taking action, according to CNN.

Twenty-nine people have been confirmed to have died in the fires since they started...

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Including several volunteer firefighters.

The fires have also had a devasting impact on wildlife.

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Several of Australia's native species have been affected including kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, possums, wombats, and echidnas.

Over one billion animals have died.

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CBS News reports that it's thought now over one billion mammals, birds, and reptiles have died since September.

The Australian fire services have also been struggling...

Firefighters all over the country have been tirelessly battling the formidable blazes and are struggling to contain them, and the fire services are truly stretched to their limits.

Australia has ultimately been forced to make a global call for help...

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And it was Canada that was the first to respond and take action. The Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre, based in Winnipeg, answered the call for help after realizing the bush fire situation is expected to continue for many more weeks and they even gave up their Christmases to help fight the raging fires.

Other countries offered their assistance...

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Including the U.S. and New Zealand, who have sent in more firefighters to try and help tackles the blazes.

Volunteers have been stepping forward all around the country...

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Ordinary people with regular professions have been volunteering to help tackle the flames and they have been working for free.

The assistance from global fire services has been very much appreciated...

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And the volunteers have shown incredible bravery to leave behind their homes and tackle the fires head-on.

But it isn't just the fire services who have been volunteering...

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It has just emerged that thousands of tradespeople have been volunteering to work for free to help struggling communities.

Australia's "tradies" are working together to help rebuild homes and communities...

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People who work in the trade industry, such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and builders, have been signing up to work for free on communities that have been seriously damaged from the fires.

The volunteer group was started by Melbourne-based carpenter Piers Smart...

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And it so far has had 4,000 tradies and 5,000 volunteers sign up.

Smart wasn't thinking at all about financial gain...

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"I was at home trying to think of ways I could help and unfortunately financially I was unable to. But I could offer my weekends as a chippy (carpenter) going up and helping with clearing or rebuilding," he said to the local press.

But he didn't expect the surge of volunteers that he got...

"I thought there must be more people who have a trade or a skill who want to do the same. I started this Facebook group thinking I’d get 50 people or something like that and it’s turned into 9000 people on the Facebook page," he explained.

"We’ve launched the website to register trade formally so we can form a database. We’ve had 4000 individuals sign up there over a week now."

Smart's group is looking for everybody and anybody...

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That ranges from "arborists, concreters, asbestos removalists and riggers" to do jobs including "hay runs, tool drops, and tool runs for communities that need them."

And people from across the globe have traveled to volunteer...

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Including the one and the only firey chef Gordon Ramsay.

The British TV chef is currently in Australia...

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He is promoting his Quick & Delicious recipe book, but he has made the time to lend a helping hand to the dedicated volunteers working in food banks across the country.

He was in Melbourne yesterday...

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And the chef made a surprise appearance in Food Bank Victoria to help the volunteers pack boxes of food for the thousands of people affected by the fires or left without homes.

Dressed in his signature black t-shirt...

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Ramsay wasted no time in finding himself a high-visibility vest and getting stuck in with the rest of the volunteers.

An incredibly kind and selfless act...

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