Gordon Ramsay’s $71 Meals Blasted as People Compare Them To ‘Child’s Portions’

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Gordon Ramsay is under fire, yet again!

His $71 meals have been blasted by diners for being “child-sized portions” and extortionately expensive, just have a look for yourselves…

It seems that his diners aren’t at all impressed with him recently.

His extortionate price tags and “child-size” portions are enough to put anyone off!

The British cook is well known for his short temper and no-nonsense cooking style, and it’s safe to say that he’s pretty damn good at his job.

Born in 1966, Gordon was raised in the South of England and initially aspired to be a pro-soccer player. But after obtaining a serious injury, he realized that his soccer career was over, which turned him to the world of cooking.

One of his most popular shows is Kitchen Nightmares, a show wherein Gordan helps restaurant owners to revamp their crumbling kitchens and transform them into the best places to eat in America. But of course, Kitchen Nightmares never falls short in its bad language and temper tantrums. Let’s not even get started on Hell’s Kitchen…

When it comes to cooking amazing food, Gordon isn’t afraid to put people well and truly in their place…

His skills in the kitchen are renowned worldwide and he’s known for not being afraid of trying new things.

With his colorful language and explosive temper in the kitchen, Gordan is forever coming under fire for his behavior towards other chefs.

So people know not to get on the wrong side of this hot-headed chef.

Despite his foul-mouthed rants being the best selling point on his TV shows, many have labeled the chef as a “bully”, and have slammed him for giving actual chefs the wrong kind of reputation.

Is his cooking. Despite his fiery temper, it is undeniable that Gordon is an extremely talented cook.

And thanks to the thirty-five Gordon Ramsay restaurants located globally, many fans get the opportunity to experience this fine dining.

But the world-class cuisine is totally worth it.

It turns out that some diners aren’t at all impressed by some of Gordon’s steep prices and “child-size” portions.

And even though diners expect the typically steep London prices, it seems that they haven’t been at all impressed by the extortionate price tags and child-size portions that have been served to them recently.

This tiny breakfast portion comes for a staggering £19 ($24) and people just couldn’t believe their eyes!

It just isn’t worth the money…

And unless you’re a millionaire, us normal folk simply don’t have that kind of money lying around to spend on minuscule breakfasts!

It seems that the majority of the Savoy Grill menu is forcing diners to double-check their wallets!

Well, diners are horrified at not only the price… but the ridiculous portion size. We all know how passionate Brits are over their Sunday roast dinners…

Do you think it’s worth $71? And would you happily pay that much money for such a small portioned meal? For more on Gordon, keep on scrolling to read about the unfortunate customer who misread a menu at one of Gordon’s restaurants and left with an eye-watering bill…