Gordon Ramsay's Model Daughter Wears Pillow Case Because She 'Has No Clean Clothes' | 22 Words

It's a strange time we're living in, and social media seems to be the only outlet we have when it comes to being in lockdown.

One of the ways people have managed to stay sane, if you can call it that, is through the smorgasbord of trends, dances, and challenges.

While they might be just a distraction for some, this model had no other choice but to take part in one popular challenge, and her fans can't get enough!


People have been searching everywhere for something to take away their lockdown boredom...

And it's not just regular people struggling with the effects lockdown brings.

Gordon Ramsay's daughter is one of many celebrities struggling, and the reason will surprise you.

via: Instagram

The model took to Instagram to share her latest setback, after admitting something that shocked fans...

Gordon's second daughter Holly has a significant following on social media.

She was born in 2000, making her twenty years old.

She recently wowed fans with her modeling shots on Instagram.

After signing with Established Models in February this year.

She is "using her platform to inspire others to create unique and relatable content whilst traveling between London and LA." Her profile says.

But while lockdown has control over everyone's life, she has been confined to the family's holiday home in Cornwall England, resulting in her taking part in some crazy social media challenges...

You might even want to try some of these for yourself.

Here are the top 7 craziest trends, dances, and challenges...

1. Life imitates art

This challenge was started by the Getty Museum in Los Angeles. The museum asked home quarantined people to recreate a piece of art using only people or objects found around their homes. As you can imagine, the results were hilarious.

2. Fitness challenge... I'm just as disgusted as you.

There are 2 kinds of people during this lockdown, one who exercises and others who don’t. That's right, a group of sadists thought it'd be a great idea to encourage people to get healthier while in lockdown. I'm tired just watching this.

3. #TagYourQueens

There's no wrong time to share some girl love on social media. Women across social media are encouraging one another to upload 1 image of themselves. The post goes- “Too often, women find it easier to criticize each other instead of building each other up. With all the negativity out there, let’s do something positive!"

4. Instagram live

While this isn't necessarily a challenge, we can all agree, we just love content. Due to the pandemic, this content has been scarce, which has inspired a trend between musicians and talk show hosts to used Instagram live to entertain a global audience.

5. Hand emoji challenge

While this challenge originated on TikTok, it didn't take long for it to make it big on Instagram. Now many are using the video effect that pops up 9 different hand gestures which people have to follow to a fast beat.

6. #ohnanachallenge

This is probably one of the most famous TikTok dance challenges, but don't be fooled, this dance is more difficult than it looks. Just recently, one woman broke both of her ankles trying it!

7. Hips don't lie - escalator challenge.

Whether it's the reactions of other shoppers, or just how dedicated those guys are to Shakira's enviable hip rolls, this video is one of the most liked TikTok videos to date. It has 17.5 Million Likes & 152 Million Views!

While these could all be a contender, there is an even more bizarre trend surfacing at the moment...

The #QuarantinePillowChallenge, which sees people transforming their bedding into a high-end statement fashion piece. You wouldn't expect a model to take part...

People all over have been setting the trend...

Some have even gone so far as to add their own accessories to go with the pillowcase.

Either we've reached a new low, or this is the height of human creativity...

I can't decide.

Whole families have got involved with the challenge...

While some have even got their pets in on the action!

Holly Ramsay is the latest to upload her attempt, and the reason will shock you...

via: Instagram

The 20-year-old model shared 4 snaps with her 238,000 followers, along with the caption: "No clean clothes left #StayAtHome #PillowChallenge."

Holly's post proved popular with her followers, amassing more than 20,000 likes in under 12 hours.

via: Instragram

One commenter even wrote: "That is exactly how one can improvise and make use out of something ordinary and turned it into something extraordinary."

While others marveled at her choice of socks.

Clearly her lack of clean clothes didn't bother her followers. If only I could look like that in a pillowcase. Keep scrolling to see what Kylie Jenner is getting up to on TikTok... The fight is hilarious.