Take a look around the room you're in right now. How is it?

Maybe you're in an office. You might be stuck in a beige cubicle, surrounded by gray desk chairs and headache-inducing fluorescent lights.

If you're at school, you're probably around beige floors, plastic chairs, and the faint smell of cafeteria food.

At home, you hopefully have some cozy elements around you, but would they win any decorating awards?

There's something to be said for surrounding yourself with beautiful things and hanging out in gorgeously decorated spaces. Not only do well-decorated interiors look amazing on your Instagram feed; they also provide a huge boost to your mood and can even make you feel more productive! I know that my life got much better when I started buying plants and bringing them into my apartment.

But the rooms included in this gallery don't just feature some house plants or a cool lamp.

They're seriously amazing.

Get ready for your jaw to drop, and to wish that you could spend the rest of your life in one giant house that includes every room seen here.

That staircase!

Those windows! That couch! Yep. I could spend the rest of my life in this room. No problem.

This one is actually my favorite from the whole list, though.

Can't you imagine curling up with a good book on that chair near the window? It's absolutely gorgeous.


When the outside looks this good, you'd be foolish not to create a wall entirely out of windows. This is absolutely perfect.

A cozy cabin library.

You can't see any lit candles in this photo, but you know there's at least one in that cabin. Probably a lot of blankets, too.

A glorious conservatory.

Someone would definitely be murdered by Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe here.

So bright and white.

This renovated apartment is what dreams are made of. I love that stained glass arch.

Shower for one!

Taking a shower is already a pretty luxurious experience, but taking one here? I don't think I'd ever leave.

Or maybe a bath is more your style.

If so, then here's the perfect tub to relax in. All you need is a glass of wine.

Up in the treetops.

This is what I imagine it'd be like to live in a treehouse for grownups. Now, how do I move in?

Look at that view!

People with glass houses shouldn't throw stones. They should sit by the window and take in the glorious view of the Pacific Ocean, instead.

Another amazing bathroom!

I know it'd be weird to pull a mattress into this bathroom and start calling it my bedroom, but It is tempting.

A nice view of LA!

As someone who lives in Los Angeles, this beats out every single view I've ever had of the city in my entire life. Also? Awesome fireplace.

We'll always have Paris.

This is what I imagined a Parisian apartment be, in my dreams. Everything is perfect, especially the little table out on the balcony.

What a cool doorway!

The circular doorway adds so much visual interest to this stunning interior. If I lived here, I'd walk through the doorway about 300 times per day.

And he's a round window!

The door leads out to a gorgeous outdoor space. If there's one thing I'm sure of after seeing these photos, it's that you can never have too many windows.

A charming kitchen.

This kitchen is the perfect blend of modern and historical, and I can't adequately express how much I'd like to eat every meal in it for the rest of time.

Another conservatory.

I've never been in a conservatory before, but I'm convinced that if I ever stepped foot inside this one, I would not leave for at least 83 years.

A tiny house!

A tiny footprint doesn't mean you necessarily have to sacrifice style! This place is super cozy and delightful.

They call this a bachelor apartment.

But I'm pretty sure that whoever is living here would have no trouble finding someone to marry them if they ever decided that was something they wanted.

Bringing the outside in.

Plants! Plants! And more plants!

One hot cocoa, please!

A fire in the fireplace. A hot cocoa in your hands. A blanket draped over your lap. And the dog sleeping on the hearth. That's all it would take to transform this space into literal heaven.

What time is it?

Oh, I'm not sure. Let me check the gigantic clock face built into the side of my home because I live in a clock.

What a brilliant design!

The bed in this small apartment gets lifted up when it's not in use to provide more floor space. This proves once again that you can have a small footprint and a fabulous design.

Ooh, how dramatic!

Most of the rooms on this list have a very light and airy vibe, but you have to admit that this dark room feels very rich and luxurious. It's the room version of a smoking jacket.

This is John Krasinki and Emily Blunt's townhouse!

What can I say? The two have excellent taste.

A bath in the mountains.

Taking a bath in front of a gigantic window like this one would limit your privacy. But it'd be worth it.

Can't you picture a happy family dinner taking place here?

You can almost hear the sounds of the forest by looking at this picture. Imagine what it must be like whenever it rains!

This is an Airbnb!

If I ever stayed at an Airbnb that looked like this, I'd be tempted to ask my hosts whether they were interested in just switching homes permanently.

Dark + Light

This kitchen has a gorgeous balance of dark and light elements. I love the whole dang thing. Know someone who's obsessed with interior design? Share this with them!