Everyone needs a little ink-spiration once in a while!

These tattoos are gorgeous and totally classy.

They'll one hundred percent make you want to get an elegant, adorable tattoo of your own!

I'm all for big, bold ink and designs, but sometimes, the little ones can pack just as big a punch. These little tattoos say and do a whole lot.

Ankle ink

Love that little blossom on the back of the foot. Make sure you scroll over to see the tiny little rocket ship heading to space! That might be my favorite.


Doesn't this just bring you to a bright sunny day and a gorgeous golden wheat field? It's perfect.

Dino buddy

This little dinosaur is too cute for words. I love him.

Bee yourself

This woman got her first tattoo — this little bee that she draws on all of her cards — at the age of 76! You go, girl! The next one is just as sweet.

Heart in nature

I love this! A heart made out of beautiful branches. My favorite place to be is among the trees.

Whimsical flower

How amazingly gorgeous is this?! I want one!


Last time I checked, snowflakes were unique, special, and beautiful little objects. I'm all for this tattoo.


Sure, it might be a popular object to get tattooed on your body, but the symbolism never gets old.


This person has a bow tattooed on her other elbow. Get it? Bow and arrow! The next one is a hoot.


Picasso may have been a terrible person, but he drew one cute owl! Love this little guy.

Tiny branch

Can you tell I love nature-themed tattoos? This is so adorable and whimsical and lovely.

Fly away

Take flight with a series of cute little birdies! Perfect for the person who always has their head in the clouds.

Dinosaur friend

This little dinosaur comes complete with his own little tree so he can munch on leaves and will never go hungry. Scroll for a closer look!

Moon and stars

I love this little moon and stars design. It gets me dreaming! The next one is also for anyone who likes looking up at night.


I love this little bunch of stars, which look like they were a handwritten doodle in the corner of someone's page of notes.


There are a whole bunch of adorable little tattoos if you scroll through this post, but I do love the diamond that seems to say, "You're one in a million!"

Wispy flowers

These little blooming buddies are blowing in the wind! They kind of remind me of a more sophisticated version of the little flower the Whos are stuck on in Horton Hears a Who.

Forever flowers

You see a lot of tattoos of the infinity symbol, but this nature-infused version is totally unique and special.

Tiny whale

This teeny tiny whale fits right on the side of your hand and brings you just a little bit of jot every single time you see him. The next one is a literary classic.

The Little Prince

This iconic image is the snake eating the elephant in the classic book, The Little Prince. It's a perfect representation of the illustration in the book.

Young Simba

Speaking of classic work from our childhood, this tattoo of baby Simba is kind of great. This is a great reminder to "Remember who you are."


Cacti are all the rage these days and for good reason. They're super cute, and much like some people, they can be prickly on the outside, but inside, they're full of good stuff.


I love this little tattoo, which manages to include water, mountains, the moon, and the planets all in one cohesive illustration.


I can't get over how cute this little elephant is. The next one is perfect for anyone who loves to travel.

Heart for travel

If you're the jet-setting type who wants to share your love for travel with the world, this simple tattoo might be perfect for you.

Be brave

Sometimes you need a meaningful message written out on your wrist as a constant reminder of your potential. I love text tattoos.

Orange branch

This is just gorgeous. Again, me with the nature tattoos.


With just a few lines, you can share your love of nature and camping with the whole world.

Pretty blossom

So, how about it? What tattoo are you going to get next? Share this with your friend with the best tattoo taste!