Gorilla Glue Girl’s Hair Is Falling Out After Dying It Brown

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Tessica Brown just can’t seem to leave her hair alone, and this time it might be game over for her damaged locks…

As we all remember, Tessica went viral earlier this year after she accedentily used Gorilla Glue in place of her normal hair spray…

Resulting in her hair being so solid that she had to have the glue and most of her locks surgically removed. It took weeks of repairs and thousands in donations to get her hair in a reasonable condition.

And after the incident, she even released a song about her experience…

As well as selling hundreds of dollars worth of merch thanks to the accident.

Sadly, after the whole ordeal, she told TMZ not long after that she had tragically suffered a miscarriage 3 months into her pregnancy…

Tessica was rushed to the hospital after she couldn’t sleep due to a sharp pain in her stomach. She told the outlet that medical staff at the hospital tried listening for a heartbeat but couldn’t hear one.

An ultrasound then confirmed the worst possible news…

Tessica had lost her little baby girl and couldn’t help but cry.

She first found out that she was pregnant earlier this year, after her horrible Gorilla Glue accident. She and her fiance Dewitt Madison were thrilled about the good news but she quickly realized that things weren’t going as smoothly this time around.

She was having terrible morning sickness almost every single morning, and it would sometimes last the entire day.

She was also in and out of the hospital due to dehydration as she couldn’t keep down any water.

Doctors were forced to put her onto a drip to try and solve that problem.

It was on May 17th when she realized that she was bleeding a lot and found out she was having a miscarriage.

Tessica already has 5 children from a previous relationship, while her fiance has another 4.

She told TMZ that after this miscarriage, she isn’t in a rush to have another any time soon.

The Gorilla Glue incident is something Tessica is always going to be known for…

But once again she has fallen victim to another hair fiasco after she tried to dye her remaining damaged locks brown.

Just wait until you see what it looks like now…

This time, people aren’t as sympathetic…

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Tessica’s manager, Gina Rodriguez told TMZ that she might have to shave her head, after trying to dye it left her with bald patches…

They also said that when she tries to comb it, it’s so elastic that it just falls out.

Despite her usually wearing wigs, Tessica tried to dye her hair after she noticed she was getting a few grey hairs…

Clearly not learning from past experiences, Tessica used a box dye instead of getting it done professionally and started to panic when her scalp began to burn.

After losing hair, and putting her scalp through even more damage, Tessica has decided to fly to LA to get a “stem cell and PRP treatment” on the areas of her scalp that are exposed.

She will be meeting up with hair restoration specialist, Jacques Abrahamian at the LA FUE hair transplant Clinic.

We just hope she learns from it this time.