A ‘Gossip Girl’ Reboot Is Officially Happening

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For fans of late ’00s, slightly trashy TV, Gossip Girl really represents a golden age. Set around the lives of a bunch of incredibly privileged and beautiful teenagers, the show followed their fascinating lives (and the huge amount of drama that seemed to follow them wherever they went).

Since it left our screens in 2010 (with one of the most bizarre final episodes of any television show, ever), the world has been left with a prep-school-scandal sized hole in its heart. Until now.

Deadline has reported that new streaming service, HBO Max, has ordered ten brand new, hour-long episodes of Gossip Girl. While it won’t be too similar to the original, it’ll be based on the same source material and has the same writer – and fans of the original are pretty excited about the news.

First hitting our screens in 2007, Gossip Girl was a cultural phenomenon.

Not only was it an absolute smash hit on television, it also managed to take over the entirety of pop culture. It broke records and changed the way that we spread gossip online, forever.

The subject matter (annoyingly rich teenagers) wasn’t the easiest to sympathize with, but the melodramatic (and often unintentionally hilarious) storylines were enough to continue to draw viewers in.

The revelation of the true identity of Gossip Girl left an entire audience scratching their heads. And that wasn’t the only unanswered question left after the final episode.

As it’s just been revealed that a reboot of Gossip Girl has been confirmed. And, as you may expect, the internet has some pretty strong feelings about the announcement.

But there were also some major revelations about it – primarily based around the fact the original is still so well-loved.

The original writer and producer of the series, Jonathan Safran, will be consistent across both, as will the source material of the Cecily von Ziegesar novel of the same name. But it seems like the cast will be all-new.

The reboot promises to star eight brand new characters who are students at the same fictional prep schools of the original series. But, for many, a Gossip Girl without Blair, Dan, Serena, et al is just unfathomable.

Though there is one aspect of the reboot that fans are excited to see.

Gossip Girl first looked at how technology impacts the world of gossip – but this was all done via text alerts and a weirdly antiquated looking website.

Now, with the dominance of social media across our entire lives, the way that Gossip Girl operates will be totally different – and totally fascinating.

But maybe, done right, it’ll be just as good in its own right. Either way, we’re very excited to watch. XOXO