'GQ' Made a Hilarious Video Where They Give Donald Trump a 'Normal' Makeover | 22 Words

There are a number of objectionable qualities possessed by President Donald J. Trump, and the way he looks is really the least offensive thing about him to a lot of people at this point in time.

But given how much money he has and the staff that he can employ, there really is no excuse for his outfit.

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At least button the jacket and iron those pants a little.

Yes, his suit costs more than my car, but sometimes he looks more like he just rolled out of bed instead of rolling out of the White House. 

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Fortunately the style editors at GQ went ahead and gave him a virtual makeover because, in their words, "If Trump can’t act like a President, he could at least dress like one."

They started at the bottom with that whole "wrinkled pants" situation.

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Not the first place I would have started, but I guess you gotta start somewhere.

Next, they go to the jacket.

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And I assume the "button it up" comment is referring only to the jacket.


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Okay, it's clear this is going to take a lot of work. Let's do this.

His cuffs should be even, so he needs to fix those sleeves.

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Gotta make sure those hands look nice and big.

YUGE! His tie is YUGE!

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Not everything needs to be yuge, so slimming down the tie a little will help.

You had to know the hair was going to be a huge point of contention.

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Alright, how the hell are they gonna fix this mess?

President Vanilla Ice?

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Literally anything but that.

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Ah, here we go...

That's... better.

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Still not good, but better?

And after the hair, you knew the golden glow was going to be addressed.

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What could they possibly do to rectify his mysterious golden hue?

So how does it all turn out?


Not great.

But better, and I guess that's all you can really ask for.

The video makes it clear that fashion is the least of his problems and that a new suit is not an endorsement in any way.

But at least they could fix his fashion faux pas. He'll have to figure the rest of it out for himself.