Grandfather-Of-Seven Regularly Mistaken for Man in His Thirties

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Between working and trying to maintain a social life, it seems as though it is physically impossible to keep in shape. However, Andy Wilkinson is proving that to be a myth as he has defied the hands of time. The Brit often gets mistaken for a thirty-year-old man despite being way older than that.

Keep scrolling to find out exactly how old Andy is and the secrets behind his youthful appearance…

A man from Coventry, England with the youthful glow of a man in his early thirties.

And has women decades younger than he is hitting on him no matter where he goes. He was once even mistaken for his daughter’s boyfriend!

It may be hard to believe because he looks as though he’s in the prime of his life but yes, he’s actually a grandfather!

The others are thirty-five and thirty-three and all have children of their own.

The personal trainer truly believes that anyone can remain “ageless” as long as they follow these simple rules.

Andy revealed that sleeping in a blacked-out room means that you’re more likely to get a peaceful night’s sleep without being distracted.

He also stressed that working out too much can be damaging for your body, so he limits himself to 3 training sessions a week.

People often comment on it, telling him that it is their ultimate goal.

As you get older, your body has a harder time breaking down carbohydrates so Andy suggests that you cut back on them immensely.

He also emphasized how much he tells himself “everything will be okay” as it reduces the stresses in his life.

“I know I look much younger than my age and often get mistaken for being in my thirties…”

“If I’m on holiday with my six-pack out, I get approached by ladies in their thirties and I’ve been mistaken for my daughter’s partner rather than her father on occasion, which is embarrassing.”

“My friends also think it’s hilarious when we go out to shock people with the fact that I’m a grandfather of seven. A lot of people in their twenties and thirties message me on Instagram to tell me they aspire to have my body at their age, which is very flattering.”

“Genetics help but there is really no secret besides hard work and diet. Stress is massively aging as well, so I try to not get myself worked up about anything. I have a personal mantra, which is ‘Everything will be OK’, and that keeps me calm and carries me through.”

He decided to follow his passion for fitness and nutrition, so he decided to become an online personal trainer. His aim was to help others achieve their body goals too.

But his efforts to achieve the current body he has started when he was in his thirties.

“I was always interested in looking good, but it was in my thirties that I radically assessed what I was eating. I realized there was no need to have protein shakes, bars or supplements to get that beach body look. It was about eating healthy foods, portion control and cutting down on carbs as you age.”

“The older you get, you don’t need as much carbs or food as you think you need. Now I’ll stick to a few tablespoons of rice and half a sweet potato as my carbohydrate and I focus on eating less carbs at night.”

“…You can put all the creams in the world on your face but water is what matters most when it comes to good skin. And I might occasionally have the odd glass of red wine, but I don’t drink much alcohol otherwise.”

“I generally weight train three times per week for no more than an hour, and I might enjoy a game of tennis or racquetball with a friend too but that it’s really. I find people sometimes train too much and get injured or don’t see the results they want. The body needs time to repair and recover afterward and I make sure to have at least a day’s rest between workouts.”

“I think rest and sleep are huge contributing factors to why I look so young too. I don’t eat late, I’m always in bed before midnight and I sleep in a totally blacked-out room with no phone. It really works for me in terms of getting a good night’s sleep.”

“I think trying to limit stress is also one of the most important factors in ageing well. I know it’s hard to do but I try to focus on living in the now, enjoying the present moment and not dwelling on the past and future.”

“There’s more information on health online than there’s ever been but yet there’s more obesity now than ever before. People try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to health and fitness but it’s about going back to basics.”

“I’m living proof that you can still be fit and toned in your fifties and I hope I can motivate and inspire people. I feel very lucky to do what I do as a personal trainer and it’s my passion to help others.”

But if I end up looking half as good as Andy Wilkinson, I’ll be extremely happy. If you’re in the mood to read more motivating content, keep scrolling…