Family of Grandmother Attacked in San Francisco Are Donating Fundraiser Money | 22 Words

After shocking footage of an elderly woman fighting valiantly against her male attacker went viral, viewers were simply delighted to see the condition the perpetrator was left in. And now, after receiving almost $1 million in donations, her family has decided to donate it.

Here's the full story...

It's sadly no secret that millions of women all around the world live in fear of being attacked or harassed while out in the street.


Did you know that in the United Kingdom, ninety-seven percent of young women have been sexually harassed by men at some point in their lives?

A survey released by UN Women UK found that this percentage of females aged between eighteen to twenty-four have suffered some form of sexual harassment...


And that, as a result, they are losing faith in the ability of authorities to effectively deal with the abuse that they receive.

This is not okay...

And, although the awareness surrounding domestic abuse and sexual harassment is now more prominent than ever, way too many women find themselves as victims of these horrendous crimes every single day.

It shouldn't be like this...​


But sadly, there are so many men out there who remain ignorant to the danger women face on a daily basis.

So, following the recent kidnap and murder of British woman, Sarah Everard, women from all over the world have been rallying together to share tips on how to stay safe when walking out in public or the streets alone...


And debates of what it actually takes for women to feel safe have been rife online, with women everywhere still trying to process this injustice.

But now, amid the protests and debates, there has been yet another unprovoked attack.


Footage from San Francisco went viral showing an elderly woman in the aftermath of an attack in the street.

Seventy-six-year-old Xiao Zhen Xie was randomly attacked by a young white male while standing at a street crossing.


She claimed that the thirty-nine-year-old man had punched her in the face in what she believes was a racially-motivated attack.

She was forced to retaliate by fighting back with a wooden plank which, quite remarkably, put him in the hospital.

Of course, people were completely outraged by the footage...

With many criticising officials who seemingly failed to tend to her.

Clutching a blood-soaked tissue, Xie was visibly shaken and upset.


In Cantonese, she could be heard shouting, "you bum, why did you bully me?" and "he hit me, he hit me!"

She eventually bursts into tears...


As a female police officer attempts to remove the wooden plank she'd used as a weapon from her hand.

The perpetrator, meanwhile, could be seen lying quietly on a stretcher...


Covered in blood and seemingly a little stunned by his victim's valiant response.

From her retirement home, Xie, who has lived in San Francisco for twenty-six years, recounted the attack.


Her daughter, Dong-Mei Li, who was translating, told KPIX 5 that Xie was "very traumatized" and "very scared" after the incident and that one of her eyes is still bleeding.

Li also said that her mother cannot see out of her left eye and has not been able to eat since the attack.

Though her grandson, John Chen, updated people to explain she's doing better now.

In the aftermath, the family set up a GoFundMe to cover Xie's medical costs.


The fundraiser's description read:

"I am fundraising for my grandmother that was racially attacked today on 3-17-21 market street. I am amazed by her bravery. She was the one that defended herself from this unprovoked attack... She has been severely affected mentally, physically, and emotionally. She also stated that she is afraid to step out of her home from now on. This traumatic event has left her with PTSD."

The family set an original goal of $50,000, but they soon exceeded that.

And now, having raised over 900k the family have decided to donate it. And their generosity has been praised...

In an update on the GoFundMe page, Chen wrote: "When we visited our grandma yesterday and today her overall mental and physical health has improved. Her eye is no longer swelled to the point of not being able to open it. She is now starting to feel optimistic again and is in better spirits."


"She said we must not summit to racism and we must fight to the death if necessary. She also stated multiple times to donate all the funds generated in this GoFundMe back to the Asian American community to combat racism."

"She insists on making this decision saying this issue is bigger than Her. This is my grandma, grandpa, and our family's decision. We hope everyone can understand our decision."

What a kind lady.