Grandma Bans 5-Year-Old Granddaughter From Visiting After She Says She Doesn't Like Her Nickname | 22 Words

A grandmother allegedly banned her 5-year-0ld granddaughter from visiting because she didn't like her choice of nickname.

And you thought your inlaws were bad.

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Naming a child will never be an easy task.

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Giving a tiny human a name that they will identify by for the rest of their lives is always going to bring with it a little bit of pressure.

There are literally thousands of names to choose from...

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And they all carry their own unique meanings and backgrounds.

It can be difficult to determine which name is suitable for a newborn...

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Because who knows which name will eventually suit them best?

And, to add to this pressure...

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You have to come up with a name that the rest of the family will agree on.

So that's why most parents play it safe by settling with a name that would be considered as "normal" by most.

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Sarah, Rebecca, Jack, James... You can't really go wrong with these kinds of names, can you?

But, of course, there will always be the parents who pick rather unusual names for their children.

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We all know a child with a slightly bizarre name.

Celebrities tend to lead this trend of bizarre name choices...

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Remember when Gweneth Paltrow called her daughter Apple? Or all the times Kim Kardashian named her 4 children North, Saint, Chicago, Psalm?

Well, for the children of the rich and famous, a strange name isn't too big of a deal...

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But, for us regular folk, an unusual name can be quite detrimental.

And, in some extreme cases...

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It can cause huge family fallouts.

Over the years, we have heard countless tales of families becoming divided over a name...

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But now, we may have the family fall out that will conquer them all.

For obvious reasons, the family has remained anonymous.

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Because who would want publicity over this kind of thing?

Anyway, this story is regarding one woman's inlaws...

Of course, it is.

The woman, who has a 5-year-old daughter named Collette, has hit out at her husband's parents...

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Because, apparently, they have treated their own granddaughter quite unkindly.

The grandparents had come up with a rather unusual nickname for the little girl...

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And, when the 5-year-old had questioned the bizarre nickname, her grandmother completely flew off the handle.

The woman received an angry phone call from her inlaws regarding her daughter's question.

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According to The Mirror, the mom said, "She tells me that it was really rude for her to say she didn't like her nickname and that I shouldn't have told her to say that."

But then, it got worse.

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"She then said I was raising her to be bratty. She also said that Colette couldn't come over until she apologized and said that she likes being called [by the nickname]."

But this mom wasn't having any of it.

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She said: "That last part p****d me off. I told her 'what the f***? You're banning a 5-year-old from your house for not liking a stupid nickname?' Then I hung up on her."

Many social media users sprang to the woman's defense...

One replied on Reddit to say, "I’m honestly just sort of in disbelief your mother-in-law could be old enough to be a grandma and act like that," while another commented, "Good for you for teaching your daughter to stand up for herself and for doubling down by standing up for her. MIL needs to apologize to the 5-year -old for not respecting her name request."

Now, I know what you're all thinking...

What on Earth was this nickname?!


Yep, this grandmother legitimately called her granddaughter Letters. Okay, now I really don't blame that 5-year-old child for running for the hills. For more on bizarre children's names, keep scrolling...