61-Year-Old Grandmother Engaged to 24-Year-Old Boyfriend She’s Been Dating for a Year

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An older woman and her younger lover have recently decided to get engaged… despite their thirty-seven-year age gap.

Quran McCain, now twenty-four, and his fiancée, Cheryl McGregor, sixty-one, from Rome, Georgia, first met when McCain was just fifteen years old, but insisted there were no romantic feelings between them until last year.

Her fiancée is younger than one of her own children, but the grandma says their sex life is amazing because of the “fantastic chemistry” they share.

And even though the grandma-of-seventeen says she does sometimes get a little bit hurt by the hate they receive, she doesn’t regret her decision in loving McCain and they have set up an OnlyFans account for their saucier content too.

“Even though it is an age gap we never think of it because Cheryl has a very young spirit, soul, and heart,” McCain said. “I think the biggest misconception is that I’m using her or waiting to be put in the will.”

And Cheryl chimed in too: “It’s different, It’s amazing, he’s very compassionate to me and I think it’s because he’s a younger man. I couldn’t have that with anybody else, he’s very emotional and that’s something I’ve never dealt with-they were all angry and he’s emotional in a good way because he shows me he really cares.”

His TikTok account, going by the handle @ttvleolove-3, has a following of over 826,000 with nearly thirteen million likes! So they have a wide fanbase.

In one of their recent videos, the Magic Bomb sound played in the background of their TikTok, receiving over 2400 likes. And the couple enjoys answering fan’s eager questions that are asked on a common basis.

“What’s the age gap? Thirty-seven years,” they write in one of their TikTok videos. “Is that your grandma? No, my future wife.”

McGregor said: “There’s just something between him and me that I never thought we would be together like this, he’s just an amazing person. There’s a different type of chemistry with him even though he’s younger, we have a lot of chemistry because of the things we’ve been through and it pulls us closer together.”

And her lover said: “She knows what she’s doing, that’s the best thing,” about their sex life.

However, among their loyal fans come the haters, and sometimes, it can all get a bit too much for the couple.

“Every day someone comes for her appearance, they call her ‘zombie’, ‘the walking dead or ‘crypt killer.’ Hateful things like ‘why did you dig her up’ or ‘take her back to the nursing home’, the hate on that app is unreal,” McCain explained.

“Together we have over 700,000 accounts blocked just from the hate. To get past it I tell her she is beautiful every day and make sure she knows that the hate they are throwing are problems they are battling within themselves,” he added. “Never take the words they type to heart because they would never say it in person.”

Of course, these comments sometimes make McGregor upset… but her fiancée is always there to comfort her and he tells her she’s beautiful every single day.

As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters… and people should respect that.