Anyone with kids right now will know the struggle of keeping them entertained during lockdown. But it seems one grandad has come up with an ingenious idea... a quarantine roller coaster.

Keep scrolling to see it in action.

This global lockdown is proving difficult for all of us.

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Thanks to the deadly pandemic, many parts of the world are now living in lockdown and it isn't fun... at all.

Staying at home is saving lives...

But this sudden change of routine is proving difficult for many.

Especially for families with small children.

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The closures of schools all across the world - including here in the United States - has landed a lot of families in the sudden position to keep their youngsters entertained.

In fact, many moms have been sharing their hilarious updates from home.

Safe to say, homeschooling isn’t as easy as many of us thought!

Tweets have been rolling in.

“Day 2 of homeschooling: My sons are both suspended pending an investigation and I expelled my daughter."

Amazingly, so many people have been coming forward online to offer up help.

Including teachers, who are offering up their services to homeschool kids whose schools have closed.

People have been really pulling together.

Some have been making themselves available to answer any questions newly parents-turned-teachers, while others have offered to help homeschool kids online.

People have also been coming up with other ways to help parents...

Like this woman, who gave away free copies of her book to kids who are off school and don’t have access to books.

Aside from the issue of schooling...

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Many parents have had to get creative when it comes to keeping their kids entertained during lockdown.

Small children are bound to get bored and agitated.

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And it's down to parents to try and come up with ways to keep them occupied.

This week, a grandad has come with a genius way to entertain his grandson...

By creating a homemade roller coaster!

And judging by the look of it...

He's giving Disney and Six Flags a run for their money! Keep scrolling to watch it in action...

He built the backyard roller coaster with his bare hands.

We wouldn't even know where to start...

He used woods, cinder blocks, and a trashcan to construct the impressive contraption.

He's definitely in the line up for grandpa of the year.

The little boy's mom posted the footage on twitter.

It all started out with this tweet.

The coaster isn't quite finished yet...

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But that didn't stop the little boy taking a ride anyway.

He looked to be having the time of his life.

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This is truly the most adorable thing we've seen.

Twitter instantly gushed over the pair.

And of course, the clip quickly went viral.

This is the pure, wholesome content we all needed right now.

And a sure-fire to way to cure those lockdown blues.

Watch the roller coaster in action below:

We can't wait to see the final product. Can he build us one? Want more content like this? Scroll on to check out the family who are using chalk to go on adventures during lockdown...