Amid all the doom and gloom around the coronavirus pandemic, there have been some positive stories  - one of which is a heart-melting story of a set of grandparents in self-isolation who had a very special visit from their grandkids.

Keep scrolling to read the touching story and to hear about some of the other positives that have been emerging amidst the medical crisis.

Things might feel out of control.

You just have to glance at your phone or TV to be bombarded with nothing but bad news...

But in reality, there's so much to be positive about right now.

There are people all over the world doing their bit to ensure the safety of those who need it most isn't overlooked, sometimes even the little things can make a huge difference. Keep scrolling for some heartwarming content...

Whether you're rich or poor, this woman won't stop until we all get the healthcare we deserve.

Using just a whiteboard and pen, Katie Porter has secured free coronavirus testing for every American citizen, regardless of insurance, which would otherwise have cost $1331 per person. What a woman.

Thoughtful Britons have started a new movement amidst the outbreak.

The hashtag #howcanihelp has already been used by thousands offering out their hand, figuratively speaking, to those who need it most.

Unexpected kindness is the most powerful.

People have been using social media to reach out during the pandemic, as authorities warn anyone feeling unwell should self-isolate. But since the new movement, offers have been pouring in to help those who are most vulnerable.

It was the co-founder of the Women's Equality Party that initiated it.

Catherine Mayer urged people to use the hashtag as a way to give support or ask for it. She said: "All of us rely on others for help and the coming weeks will see carers and support networks impacted by coronavirus. Use #HowCanIHelp to ask or offer practical assistance."

The elderly are just one of the many at-risk groups.

The AARP is dedicated to empowering the over-fifties of America to carry on being as excited about life as they were in their twenties. They have donated an amazing 250,000 to Meals on Wheels to ensure those who are more vulnerable get the food they need.

The congressional aid package could indirectly help the homeless.

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The measures include new money for unemployment insurance and food stamps.

Some cities are doing more to protect the homeless.

With talks of some leasing hotel spaces for those without a place to stay, as well as handing out hand sanitizer and other cleaning supplies to the people who need it most.

People are really showing their best selves during this confusing time.

People continue to check on family, friends, and neighbors (without physical contact) in a time where self-isolation might be difficult.

Being quarantined hasn't stopped people spreading love.

Now more than ever we can see communities coming together, maybe not in person, but definitely in spirit.

There is always a balance in the world.

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Amid the bad news following the outbreak, some things happen to be looking up.

The wildlife has returned.

Wildlife that typically kept away from the Italian coast due to water pollution, has now returned. Two dolphins have been spotted in an unconfirmed Italian port for "the first time in a long time."

Twenty-one bullfighting runs have been canceled due to the outbreak.

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As public health officials urge people to avoid crowds, events like bullfighting have been canceled, leading to the lives of 120 bulls being saved!

People are even turning to music to heal.

People from all over have been spotted coming together in these desperate times to share music and songs with the world.

From all ages and backgrounds...

Children and grandparents can be seen playing homemade instruments, beating saucepans, banging sticks, and shaking whatever they can find in a bid to make noise, their noise that no one can silence, not even the virus.

Neighbor to neighbor.

It seems we have entered a time where two strangers can come together in unison and share something beautifully intimate.

Loud and proud.

One thing's for sure, we haven't shied away, we're all facing the pandemic head-on, and that's exactly what the history books will say. This might be my favorite one yet.

This song is more poignant now than ever.

It's this video that has inspired celebrities to make their own video with the words from the late John Lennon.

"Sing with us."

"Let's imagine together," are the words Gal Gadot shared on her Instagram after she and her "dear friends," shared their version of the song to show their support to all of those affected by the virus and self-isolation.

A room with a view.

With many of us quarantined at home, some travel companies have been helping to lift people's spirits by getting them to share "a world from a window," with them, in a bid for people to share what their small section of the world looks like to them.

The latest heartwarming story that has emerged is no exception to this positivity.

Many older people are having to self-isolate for up to 4 months - meaning they are unable to have visits from their loved ones.

But self-isolation doesn't have to be lonely.

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As one elderly couple proved this week, after a heart-melting photo, posted by an ITV weatherman went viral on Twitter.

The picture shows the elderly couple greeting their granddaughters through the glass doors.

The tots can them been seen blowing kisses to them through the glass.

Chris Page, who uploaded the picture, hailed it "the most adorable thing I’ve seen so far today."

"It's so tough but the grandparents smiling just shows the enjoyment they're getting" he wrote.

The tweet got a huge response.

But of course, many were quick to point out how bittersweet the situation is.

It's times like this where we could do with a little positivity.

"That's so lovely," commented another user.

Check out the picture below: