30 Graphic Design Fails So Bad We’re Asking Ourselves Why We Even Live on This Planet Anymore

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Do you ever see signs that make you stop and think “huh?” We’ve found a bunch of instances where graphic design has gone wrong in the most hilarious ways. You might be able to decipher them, but when you read them left to right, they take on a whole new meaning (or lack thereof).


In addition to speed, it also looks like this game needs a better graphic designer.

The original sign that spawned a subreddit, this shot comes from the first episode of The Walking Dead.

Sheesh, it took us some time to figure this one out.

Might as well have just written “Beer here!”

“Who you I do say am?” actually sounds sort of deep…

When memes go terribly wrong, this is what we get.

We love the capitalization for emphasis here: “Get over BUTTS!”

Even Joel looks confused about this design.

It starts out fine, but then you get to “we shall grounds” and everything falls apart.

One might be tempted to tailgate this person just to figure out what the sign says.

Great at great games? Hmm…

We’re also uncomfortable reading this sign.

Does the chicken come with a side of station rice?

Thanks for the welcome—we’ll try our best to stay discover longer more.

Decisions, decisions: cotton chicken or candy nuggets?

It looks like their specialty is home burgers. Not sure what those are, but it’s making us hungry!

Your new favorite inspirational quote: “Will be victory mine!”

This tree-hugging saying takes a second to make sense.

There’s a little something something off about this.

Adding to our confusion is the fact that the L’s look like the number 2.

Our favorite part of this one is the “for” in the middle of the ship’s sail.

Uma the Parisian is our new favorite actor.

A Yoda-style home decoration: “You I’ll keep…”

It sounds like we’re dealing with a stubborn kitchen here.

To be honest, we’re a little uncomfortable with the idea of celebrating tuition hikes.

Reading this left to right = total word salad.

HQ Trivia is always finding new ways to annoy us.

They’ll trade you a cup of red coffee for a miniature pony.

If it’s just chicken, why do we need sausage?

We’re going to need some time to unpack this one.