A Gray Hair Instagram Community Is Coming Together To Defy Sexist Beauty Stereotypes

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Many of us fear the ageing process – partcularly what it does to our hair. But a group of Instagram users are fighting back, and embracing their gray locks.

For some of us, noticing our first gray hair is a nightmarish moment.

But why does it have to be that way? Well, it’s all because of the patriarchy!
It’s society that teaches women that their gray hair is wrong, when actually (as Instagram proves) it can be rather beautiful.

“I found women on Pinterest and on Instagram who looked my age but just had silver hair, and they looked beautiful,” gray hair influencer Kristen told Buzzfeed this week.

But 2020 was a turning point for many women who dye their hair, as salons shut and they were forced to embrace their natural follicles.
“Look at what is called the Silver Sisters community. There are a ton of people who started letting their natural hair grow around the start of the pandemic, whether or not they wanted to or they were forced to because salons were closed,” Kristen explained.

Kristen also explained why feeling pressured to dye your hair is so wrong.

“I think that we as a society are so obsessed with being youthful for forever and for women specifically, we’ve kind of been conditioned in a way, whether by media or whatever the case might be. We’ve been conditioned to think that we are not worthy if we are not young and beautiful.
There are some ads from some name-brand companies from the ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, where they basically say you’re not a beautiful wife if you’re not taking care of yourself and dyeing your hair and trying to be beautiful for your husband. So those are some really deep cultural roots that are going to take a really long time, I think, to break.”

There is hope for change in the future though – as more and more women like Kristen embrace their roots.

“You’re starting to see more companies and brands embracing silver-haired women and in TV shows where a woman with silver hair isn’t necessarily just the grandma, but another person in normal clothes playing a normal role appropriate for their age with silver hair.”

We love this change in attitude and hope more people start to embrace Kristen’s confidence!

Gray is beautiful!