Great-Great Grandma Baking Hundreds of Pies To Feed Hungry Children

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A great-great-grandma has gone viral for the most heartwarming of reasons…

Flo Osborne, from Essex, UK, has received worldwide praise after images of her baking pies for hungry children went viral.

But she’s now extended her efforts to support children whose parents are struggling to feed them – and she’s not slowing down, either.

Reactions came pouring in, with people gushing over the act of kindness… especially when they found out how early she wakes up to start baking!

But, she started off baking for a different cause entirely.

Graham offered to help make meals in response to a community campaign started by firefighter Les Nicoll called the North Essex Support Team (NEST), which helps to look after elderly and vulnerable people who have been unable to leave their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Flo went on to become the campaign’s oldest baker, baking about twenty pies every fortnight, each of which made sixteen servings, ranging from sweet cherry and apple to savory steak.

Sometimes Flo can get up as early as 4.30 am to bake in the small kitchen at her sheltered accommodation.

“I saw [Rashford’s campaign] on the news and I thought, that’s lovely. “I have been baking pies throughout lockdown to help vulnerable people in the community, and I love doing it. It keeps me going, and gives me something to do,” she added.

“But I thought, I would love to help the little ones, too. I’ve even been thinking about baking miniature pies for the children. “Some people say I’m mad, but I just tell them that I love to help other people. If I can help them, I will.”

And she isn’t stopping there – aiming to up her efforts in order to help feed even more hungry children on the school break.

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