'Greedy Mother-In-Law' Stole Food From Lunch Program for Kids in Need and Says She's Proud of It | 22 Words

A woman has come under fire this week for allegedly stealing food from a lunch program designed to help kids in need.

The reactions are shocking...

The global pandemic has truly turned our world upside down...

And right now, the United States is the worst affected country in the world.

Several states have declared states of emergencies...

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And President Trump declared a national emergency to combat the pandemic, freeing up $50 billion in federal funding and promising a screening website and drive-by tests.

The majority of the country is now living in lockdown...

And even though the President promised for things to be back to normal by Easter, things certainly haven't turned out that way.

Things are simply getting worse...

Which has, of course, resulted in mass panic and hysteria.

The importance of self-isolation has been stressed globally...

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And it has been proven that locking down public areas and avoiding social situations has helped reduce the chances of spreading the already out of control virus.

But it seems that not everyone feels the need to abide by these suggestions here in the United States.

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Scenes at the Clearwater Beach in Florida, back in March, showed a lot of people completely disregarding these global warnings.

Images from the white-sand beach showed spring breakers enjoying the sun...

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All of which seemed to be living in complete oblivion.

Nothing seemed to be stopping the spring breakers...

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And even police warnings didn't faze the revelers.

The world is currently practicing the art of "social distancing."

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By doing this we can hopefully delay and prevent catching and spreading the deadly virus. Flatten the curve, as they are all telling us.

And people are struggling not only mentally, but financially.

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Many families are struggling for money during the lockdown.

But help is available...

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And many schemes have been set up to help ease the stress of families, in particular, parents.

But one woman has taken to Reddit to share a rather baffling story this week.

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The woman, who is anonymous, has been spilling the tea on her mother-in-law - who supposedly stole from a local school free meal scheme.

In her post, the she explains that her children's school district has been distributing free food to kids who need it.

"The child doesn’t need to be there to pick it up, no identification required either," she explained, adding that she personally thinks the program is "amazing."

She continued:

"My husband is considered an essential worker and he has been working 12-14 hour days," the woman continued. "Our car isn’t running right now, so between him working and our car not running, I cannot go to the meal pick-up days. Which is fine, we have enough for our three children."

This is where her mother-in-law comes in...

When she went to drop off some mail, her mother-in-law decided to confess this. "She just told me she got meals for nine kids," the woman explained. "NINE."

Of course, she might have been dropping them off to the less fortunate...

But sadly, she had other plans.

Her mother-in-law planned to keep the meals for herself.

Yep, really. Apparently it is so she doesn't have to go to the store for breakfast, lunch, or snacks.

How did she get the free meals, you ask?

By claiming they were for her grandkids. "I’m just blown away," the woman wrote. "I don’t even think there is anything I can do about this since they don’t ask for ID and it’s being given away for free. And she is so proud of herself for doing it, too."

After viewing the post...

Many Reddit users agreed. "That’s so [expletive] up," one person wrote, "for some kids that’s the only food they get!"

Others hailed her "disgusting" for stealing the meals.

"I’d shame her on Facebook," someone else said. "I’m sure there are other people scamming the system but this is disgusting." For more positive news, keep scrolling to watch the moment residents in NYC lovingly belt out "New York New York"...