Greg Olsen’s Son Rings Bell After Heart Transplant Recovery

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The wonderful news has just come in that Greg Olsen’s son, TJ, has rung the special bell after recovering from a heart transplant.

TJ rang the bell earlier this week to symbolize the end of his treatment after receiving a heart transplant…

And it looks like he couldn’t be happier.

TJ was born with a congenital heart disease that meant he has faced serious heart issues all of his life.

The young boy required 3 open-heart surgeries all before his 3rd birthday and has “survived with a modified heart for his first 8 years,” Greg wrote on Instagram.

But last month, Greg shared the hearbreaking news that TJ’s heart was failing.

“Unfortunately, it seems his heart is reaching its end. We are currently working through the process to determine our next steps, which ultimately could lead to a heart transplant,” Greg wrote on Instagram, “TJ has been a fighter since birth. We are going to get through this as a family and be better off as a result of this experience.”

Fortunately, TJ was able to find a donor match quickly which was the start of a “long road ahead” but “a huge step forward.”

TJ underwent his surgery earlier this month and has been recovering well since.

Sharing footage of the moment TJ rang the bell, Greg wrote on Instagram:

“Ever since TJ was admitted into the ICU a little less than a month ago in heart failure, we would lay in bed at night and talk about ‘ringing the bell’. TJ’s positive attitude and selflessness throughout have been an inspiration to us all. Never did he feel sorry for himself or play the victim. All he did was talk about what the future held and the things he looked forward to doing. Today we “rang the bell”, and for the first time our family whole again.”
Congratulations, TJ!