Greta Thunberg Praised for ‘Vogue’ Cover and Speaking up About Fashion Industry

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The eighteen-year-old campaigner has recently spoken out about the environmental impact of fast fashion, with the fashion industry being the planet’s 2nd biggest culprit for pollution after the oil industry.

According to Sustain Your Style, an average family in the western world will dispose of an average of thirty kilograms of clothing every year…and do you know how much of that is recycled or donated? Just fifteen percent! That’s all.

And Greta’s recent Vogue cover has recieved a lot of praise…

“The fashion industry is a huge contributor to the climate-and ecological emergency, not to mention its impact on the countless workers and communities who are being exploited around the world in order for some to enjoy fast fashion that many treats as disposables,” Greta wrote.

“Many are making it look as if the fashion industry is starting to take responsibility, by spending fantasy amounts on campaigns where they portray themselves as ‘sustainable’, ‘ethical’, ‘green’, ‘climate neutral’ and ‘fair.’

“But let’s be clear: This is almost never anything but pure greenwashing. You cannot mass produce fashion or consume ‘sustainably’ as the world is shaped today. That is one of the many reasons why we will need a system change,” she finished.

The activist also said: “If you are buying fast fashion then you are contributing to that industry and encouraging them to expand and encouraging them to continue their harmful process,” when speaking with Vogue.

“Of course I understand that for some people fashion is a big part of how they want to express themselves and their identity,” encouraging readers to take responsibility in their choices of consumption.

Greta’s followers praised her efforts in speaking up against environmental damage due to the industry of fashion.

“Great post! The fashion industry does contribute to the climate crisis. I was asked to be part of a campaign for a really popular brand sold worldwide and I turned it down because the brand is fast fashion and not green like they portray. I won’t accept money to help them greenwash their brand,” one person wrote.

“I love this cover,” another person said, along with someone else following: “Best vogue cover ever!!!”

“Amazing that vogue is allowing its platform to be a place where the negative impact of the fashion industry can be discussed. Amazing work Greta,” another fan wrote.

Greta Thunberg is an eighteen-year-old Swedish environmental activist, becoming famous for challenging world leaders on their climate change action.

In an interview at the Australian World Summit, the eighteen-year-old said: “More and more people around the world have woken up to the climate and ecological crisis, putting more and more pressure on you, the people in power.

“Eventually the public pressure was too much and you had the world’s eyes on you. So you started to act.

“Not acting as in taking climate action, but acting as in role-playing, playing politics, playing with words, and playing with our future, pretending to take responsibility, acting as saviours as you try to convince us that things are being taken care of.”

As Greta continues to wow the world with her environmental activism, she grows in strength, as more people follow her cause, with twelve million people following the young sensation on Instagram.

She really is something.

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