19 Grilling Tips To Majorly Upgrade Your Summer | 22 Words

Summer is almost here, so you're probably just sitting inside, studying up on the best ways to impress your friends at the grill, right?

Well, this is it, folks.

Here is the definitive grill guide you didn't even know you needed.

With these 19 hacks, you will become the master of your domain (the grill), impress all your friends, and cook some mighty delicious food. Well, what are you waiting for?! Get studying!

Light your chips on fire.

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No, really. Greasy potato chips, tortilla chips and Doritos are really flammable. If you don't have a lighter handy and are willing to sacrifice a few crunchy good ones, throw them in there to get the fire going.

Put your condiments in muffin tins.

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Instead of so many little bowls or ugly plastic containers, put your burger and dog toppings in muffin tins! It's easy, looks great, and cleanup will be a breeze.

Spiralize your hotdogs.

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This is the fastest, most efficient way to cook your dogs. Plus, more surface area means more crispy grilled goodness.

Baste your meat with sprigs of herbs.

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Obviously, you're going to marinate and spice your meat before sticking it on the grill, but why not maximize the spice contact and actually baste it using sprigs of rosemary instead of a basting brush?! The next one is so obvious you probably never thought to do it...

While you're at it, place sprigs of herbs directly on the coals to draw out their essence.

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Herbs! Herbs! Herbs! They are pretty important while you're grilling. Putting some rosemary and thyme straight on the grill will infuse those herbs in the smoke that helps cook your meat, giving that extra, herb-y umph.

Clean your grill using a ball of tin foil.

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This is probably the cheapest grill cleaner out there, and it's super effective. Simply ball up some aluminum foil and use tongs to rub it along the grates to scrape off all the residue from cooking.

Or, use an onion to clean your grill!

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You can also use an onion for the same purpose. The acids in the vegetable help break down all that grime. Just make sure your grill is still warm when you clean it.

Grill fish on a bed of citrus.

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Grilling fish is difficult because it falls apart so easily. That's why it's advised that you grill fish on tin foil or in a pan. But why not simultaneously protect your fish and add some flavor! Make a bed of citrus fruit right on the grill and cook your fish on that. You can thank me later.

Cook anything on the grill in a cast iron skillet.

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With a cast iron skillet, you can grill literally anything. Eggs? Sure! Chopped vegetables? Why not! Giant cookies? Hell yeah! The next one is a no-brainer...

Double up on skewers for shish kabobs to make sure nothing falls off.

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Duh, right? If you've ever used skewers on the grill, you know that meats and veggies are prone to falling off and tumbling into the depths of the charcoal pit. By simply reinforcing those kabobs with an extra skewer, you'll eliminate that problem entirely.

Spray or baste your meat with apple juice to keep it tender, crispy, and delicious.

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It might sound a little weird, but trust me on this. Apple juice will help keep your meat tender as it cooks, and the sugar in it will create a delectable crust on your meat as it cooks. Sure, basting is fine, but it'd be way more fun to use a spray bottle.

Poach your sausages before grilling.

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Poaching, boiling, or even microwaving meat before grilling can do a couple things. It will severely cut down cooking time, making you more available for fun times in the backyard with your guests. It will also help your meat retain much more moisture as it cooks.

Grill wheels of cheese. Just do it.

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Want everyone to love you? Grill your cheese. Of course, this only works with certain types of cheese. A block of cheddar is a big ol' nope. But a cheese with a rind, like a full wheel of brie or camembert, will work perfectly. There are also cheeses just made for grilling, like halloumi.

Grill your buns!

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I beg of you, grill your buns. It takes minimal effort and it will elevate your hamburgers and hot dogs instantly. All you have to do it spread some butter on them and stick them on the grill while your meat is going. Just don't forget about them and let them burn. The next one might actually shock you...

Marinate your meat in beer to prevent cancer.

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OK, that might be a little dramatic, but hear me out. Grilling and smoking meat can activate carcinogenic chemicals in the meat. But, those are tempered if you marinate your meat in beer. The darker the beer, the better. So...do that. It will also make your meat taste really good.

Use the warm grill after you're done cooking.

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The grill doesn't immediately turn cold when you turn it off. Use that extra heat after you're done cooking to keep food warm, or even heat up dessert-y things like marshmallows for smores.

Grill your pizza.

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I am from New York, and I will tell you that grilled is one of the best ways to eat pizza. It's a revelation. Don't underestimate the types of things you can cook on a grill.

Put an ice cube or a pat of butter on your hamburger patty when you put it on the grill.

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This will ensure that it stays moist throughout the cooking process. Use ice if you're being health-conscious and butter if you want your burger to taste out-of-this-world.

Grill fruit for dessert.

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Something incredible happens to fruit when you grill it. It caramelizes and turns even more delicious than it was before. Pineapple, peaches, and watermelon are all perfect fruit to grill. Share this with the grillmaster of your summer plans!