Elon Musk and his partner, Grimes, have welcomed their first child together, and it's safe to say the baby's name has taken all the attention.

Unless you've been under a rock, you'll know that the couple has given the baby an unusual name, shall we say. But it seems there could be more than meets the eye, as Grimes has just explained the real meaning behind their slightly odd choice...

Tesla founder Elon Musk and his partner, Grimes, have just welcomed their first child.

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Musk has since posted a series of tweets, and now it seems he's fuelled a major conspiracy theory about the baby's name.

Elon Musk is a very wealthy man.

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Being the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineering Designer of SpaceX and Tesla, he has an awful lot going for him.

But he had a little bit of an accident last year...

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When unveiling Tesla's latest Cyber truck design in November 2019, Musk got, for lack of a better word, a bit cocky.

He claimed that the automobile was unbreakable.

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So confident in the shatterproof design, he asked Tesla design chief Franz von Holshausen to throw a ball at the Cybertrucks window.

Maybe he threw it a little hard...

The ball shattered the Cybertrucks supposedly shatterproof glass and, well, made Musk look like a bit of an idiot.

"It worked in rehearsals..."

After the fail during the presentation, Musk tweeted a video made earlier, when they had successfully practiced the stunt.

Inevitably the incident led to people mocking the living hell out of Tesla.

Musk's presentation seems to have seriously damaged Tesla's reputation.

The general design of the Tesla Cybertruck raised some eyebrows anyway...

Admittedly, the cyber-esque design does look like something out of an early PC game.

People were mocking Elon directly.

As the founder and CEO of Tesla, Musk is getting a lot of criticism for the bizarre car design.

Not that Musk seems to care...

Frankly, this guy is so rich he can do whatever he very well wants to.

Musk is certainly a man who knows what he's doing.

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He is a seriously smart guy, and even if we don't like the current Cyber truck design, we bet they're the start of a new era in automobile design.

He seemed to immediately bounce back from the Cybertruck disaster...

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Meaning that it will certainly take a lot to drag this man down.

And now, putting aside his professional life...

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It's time to talk about his personal life.

Since 2018, Musk has been in a relationship with Canadian musician, Grimes.

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Grimes, whose real name is Claire Boucher, went public with the billionaire at the Met Gala in 2018.

The pair have kept their relationship very private...

And on Grimes' Instagram page, which is certainly a rollercoaster experience when scrolling through it, there is no sign at all of Musk.

And after a series of unusual Instagram posts back in January...

Rumors began to circulate around Grimes being pregnant with Musk's child. Keep scrolling to see the adorable pictures...

Eventually, the news that everyone was waiting for came shortly after.

She revealed to the media that she was, indeed, 7-months pregnant with Musk's child.

When she was asked about what kind of mother she will be...

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Grimes said music and "raving" would play a big part in it. "The baby has already been exposed to a lot of techno in the womb," she said.

It was apparent that Grimes and Musk had more ideas for their child...

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Grimes announced that they planned on raising their child as gender-neutral.

More specifically...

When asked, "Will you have a boy or a girl?", Grimes replied, "They may decide their fate and identity."

She then went into more detail...

Talking on YouTube, Grimes added, "I don’t want to say the gender of the baby… because I feel like their privacy should be protected. I don’t think they can consent to being famous or being in public. And I don’t want to gender them in case that’s not how they feel in their life. I don’t know, I just feel like it doesn’t need to be known."

Whatever Musk and Grimes feel is best for their baby...

We should completely respect that fact.

This will be Grimes' first baby.

While Musk already has 5 children, a set of twins and triplets with his ex-wife Justine Wilson.

Fans couldn't wait to see the baby.

And he was completely right, Musk's most recent picture has completely broken the internet...

People weren't holding back questioning Musk...

Including what they might be when they grow up! Just chill, Luke.

Finally, the happy day arrived for the couple.

Even though an official birth date is yet to be confirmed, Grimes and Musk welcomed their baby into the world yesterday, with Musk sharing this adorable photo on Twitter in response to eager fans.

Musk even decided to play around with his followers a little.

Showing you're never too young for some ink... It's fake obviously.

The little bundle of joy appears to be in great health...

And when asked what the baby's name is, Musk replied with, "X Æ A-12 Musk."

We were hoping it was going to be a joke...

But it really wasn't. The baby is actually called "X Æ A-12 Musk."

And it is pronounced:

I'm all here for original ideas, but this is just something else altogether.

But it seems there could be more than meets the eye when it comes to the name...

Why? Because now fans are convinced the name is code adding up the baby's actual name.

One fan did a little digging...

And found that the name could be code for something else.

"Æ" is an e-ligature named "ash."

And as for the "A-12" part of the name? Well, this fan thinks it has something to do with the Lockheed A-12 aircraft, whose internal coding is named "archangel."

Sure, it's just a tweet from a fan.

And might not mean anything at all.


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Elon Musk liked the tweet - fuelling the conspiracy theory that "X Æ A-12" is simply code for the baby's real name - X Ash Archangel.

...Or maybe not.

Grimes has now taken to Twitter to confirm the real meaning behind the name. And honestly, we're still as confused as ever. Fancy more oddball baby names? Keep on scrolling...