Grimes Says Baby X Æ A-Xii Calls Her by First Name Because She ‘Doesn’t Identify’ With the Word ‘Mom’

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Though X Æ A-Xii’s life has been short, it’s certainly been full of intrigue. And now Grimes has shared yet another bizarre revelation…

Now, Musk and his equally eccentric partner welcomed their first baby into the world in May last year…

And, ever since, all anyone can really talk about is their rather unusual parenting style.

But their child was never going to be a conventional baby, was he?

When asked what kind of mother she would be while she was pregnant, Grimes had said “music and raving” would play a big part in it.
“The baby has already been exposed to a lot of techno in the womb,” she said.

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And, shortly before the birth, Grimes announced that they planned on raising their child as gender-neutral.

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When asked, “Will you have a boy or a girl?”, Grimes replied, “They may decide their fate and identity.”

Talking on YouTube, Grimes added:
“I don’t want to say the gender of the baby… Because I feel like their privacy should be protected. I don’t think they can consent to being famous or being in public. And I don’t want to gender them in case that’s not how they feel in their life. I don’t know, I just feel like it doesn’t need to be known.”

Well, the happy day finally arrived for the couple…

On May 4th Grimes and Musk welcomed their baby into the world, with Musk sharing this adorable photo on Twitter in response to eager fans.

But, when asked what the baby’s name is, Musk replied with, “X Æ A-12 Musk.”

People were hoping it was a joke…

But it really wasn’t – the baby was actually called “X Æ A-12 Musk.”

Twitter trolls had a field day with Musk’s new child…

And the memes were quick to flood in.

By using the pronoun “he.”

The new mom opened up last year about her and Musk’s nickname for their son, and it is surprisingly very cute.

Baby is X Æ A-XII known as something much more conventional at home…

Baby X.
In an interview with Bloomberg about her art, Grimes casually mentioned that she and Musk call their son “Baby X,” which is surprisingly conventional next to his full name.

But, as you’d expect, Baby X isn’t quite as conventional as his nickname.

Grimes revealed last year what her son enjoys doing in his spare time and, let’s just say, it isn’t what your typical 8-month-old enjoys.

And pointed out that “infants have more ‘taste’ than we give them credit for.”

And therefore decided to create a new sleeping app that uses artificial intelligence to generate pieces of music that fit different moods for infants. “In general, stuff for babies is really just creatively bad. I don’t want your first introduction to the world to just be all this aimless crap.”

“They definitely like some things. They don’t like other things. They fully have opinions. I’ve watched Apocalypse Now and stuff with my baby. He’s into radical art. Like, he just actually is, and I don’t think it’s problematic to engage with them on that level.”

Each to their own, I suppose.

But, throughout all of these very publicized Baby X revelations, there has been one question on everyone’s mind.

What does Baby X call his mother?

Well, now Grimes has opened up about it – and it’s got the internet in a spin.

​In an interview with Vogue, while getting ready for the Met Gala, Grimes opened up about motherhood.

“Being a mother feels weird to say for some reason, I don’t identify with that word.”

“Which is also really weird, ’cause X, he says ‘Claire’ but he doesn’t say like ‘Mama’, which is so, I’m like how are you.”

“Maybe he can sense my distaste for the word mother.”

“Which, I don’t even know why I have a distaste for it, I respect it… I can’t identify with it, weirdly.”

Watch the full interview above.