Grocery Store Worker Fired After Stopping Purse Snatcher Who Stole From an Elderly Woman | 22 Words

A shocking story has emerged of a grocery store worker who was fired after catching a thief, and one attorney thinks he knows why...

A good samaritan has been punished for his efforts to stop a thief.

The events that occurred in August have caused a wave of outrage online.

Amir Shedyak is what you would describe as a model employee.

But, that all came crashing down in a matter of days.

The twenty-year-old was working at Hannafords when the incident in question occurred.

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Amir was dedicated to his job there, having worked his way up from a bagger to the post of a shift leader in the space of 4 years.

He became trained in several of the stores departments...

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Including the kitchen, deli, and Hannaford to go.

Amir had even been hailed as March employee of the month.

And was always willing to cover shifts when needed, as well as going above and beyond to help customers in any way possible.

Back in August, as he was starting his shift, a man approached him...

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The man told him that a woman had just been robbed.

The events that followed, in which Amir was dubbed a hero, have left people stunned.

And reactions have come pouring in, with many outraged by what they read.

Amir spoke out about the shocking incident on his Facebook.

"I had just arrived into work as usual, I clocked in and went on with my day. I was flagged down by an associate and asked what was wrong, he said an elderly lady’s purse had been stolen," he wrote.

Amir quickly sprung into action...

And ran outside after the thief.

He continued:

"There were many people outside due to witnessing the act of crime. I asked which way the thief went and chased after him."

Amir grabbed the suspect from behind and held him down before calling the police.

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The suspect got away, but Amir was able to return the purse.

Naturally, the woman was beyond grateful for Amir's heroic act.

But, instead of getting a pat on the back for helping the woman, Amir got something very different.

A few days later, Amir turned up for work...

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"A few days later I went back to work like usual, except this time I got called into my manager's office."

Shockingly, he was told he had been suspended.

"I was told that I would be suspended due to an ongoing investigation of the incident."

He continued:

"A week later I received a phone call that the investigation was done and I could come into work for the results."

And it wasn't what Amir had hoped for...

"The outcome resulted in me getting fired due to safety issues while on company time."

Before continuing his post, Amir clarified that he has no hard feelings towards his former coworkers or managers.

"I have no hard feelings towards my coworkers/ managers or the establishment. I just feel that what I had done was not wrong and should not have resulted in me being fired."

Police later confirmed that the man Amir stopped, Adrian Moore, was found and charged with larceny.

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“It’s not like I was going to do this to be some hero. I was like, ‘Hey, an old lady’s purse just got stolen, I want to do something about it,’" Amir told local CBS station WCAX3.

Local attorney, Pietro Lynn offered a possible explanation into Amir's shock firing.

“It is not uncommon at all for employers to discourage employees from laying hands on customers," Pietro told WCAX3. “There are many cases in Vermont where employers are held responsible for the wrongful acts of their employees," Lynn said.

Luckily, Amir was quickly hired by another company.

But he's still struggling to understand why he was let go. "Why should it make a difference that, hey, I’m clocked in now — he’s in trouble. If I wasn’t clocked in — ‘Oh, you did a good job'," he said.

After hearing about his story...

An influx of support came in for Amir, praising him for his efforts to help catch the alleged thief.

Some raised this point.

"Karma is a beautiful thing."

You can read his full post below.

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