Grocery Store Worker Quits Job by Leaving Boss 'Brutal' Note on Her Desk | 22 Words

There's nothing quite as horrible or soul-destroying as working for an awful boss, is there?

Well, when one grocery store worker had enough of that she quit her job by leaving her boss a note, and let's just say, she didn't hold back.

Read on to see what the note said...

To quit, or not to quit?

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That's the main question burning on most unhappy workers' lips at the end of another long and hard day at work.

Your colleagues can make or break your job...

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But your bosses?

Having an awful boss can simply become unbearable...

With many people choosing to leave their jobs rather than stand another day working under their regimes.

Most people are too afraid to confront their bosses...

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In fear of what their reaction may be.

But, if you're planning to leave anyway...


Who cares what their reaction is?

At least, that's what one woman thought...

As she quit her job by leaving her boss a very honest note.

Something that many wouldn't have dared to do...

Us included!

The anonymous woman took to Reddit to share her brutal resignation.

Working in Target, this woman was sick of the way her boss treated her.

And so, she decided to write her boss a note informing them that she would not be returning to work.

Ironically, a printed note saying: "I appreciate you for..." was at the top of the page, but trust us, judging by the message... she certainly doesn't appreciate her former boss!

The note began with:

"Hey Jordan," Pretty polite, right?

"Just wanted to let you know that I will not be returning to work tomorrow or next week!" 

Okay, that's not too bad. At least she was making it clear.

Then came our favorite line...

"Thx hun! - M."

But it didn't end there.

She finished the note by adding, "P.S. I will never understand why you were so rude to me :)!"


The smiley face at the end really added emphasis!

While the Reddit user received many responses to her post, views were quite mixed.

The Mirror reported that some praised her decision, writing, "You will definitely be better off. Happy New year!"

"Good job. I don't know you but I'm proud of you," another added.

Others wanted to know the details, asking "Gimme the tea what did Jordan do."

Though some were very cautious about her decision to leave in that way.

With one user writing, "Y’all may laugh and cheer on how to leave a job- but trust me, once you step foot out of retail and into a more professional career, you’ll see what we’re saying about burning bridges and about how to leave a job."

Another added, "I could never do this. I’d just feel way too guilty about the workload it created for the rest of my team."

Each to their own!

Looks like that bridge is well and truly burnt.

Let's hope she never needs to go back there... though we can't help but wonder what her boss's reaction to it was.

You can check out the brutal note here:

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