Let's face it - we're all absolutely addicted to our phones. But sometimes, you just need to let the impulse to scroll pass you by. Like, for example, when you're waiting at the altar on your wedding day.

Whether you're an Instagram addict or a TikTok obsessive, there's always something to look at on your phone screen.


husband of the year 😂 (yes I walked down the aisle to Kanye, RIP KIMYE) #weddingtiktok #marriage

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We're all guilty of it - staring blankly at our phones instead of actually paying attention to what's going on in the world around us. In some ways, it's great that we're all more connected to the world than ever - but sometimes, our lack of ability to truly live in the moment hits us quite starkly.

And one TikTok video has recently taken the internet by storm for this very reason!

​Taylor Loren is a brand builder and marketing strategist - and she ​clearly ​knows how to make a viral TikTok.

To celebrate her 4-year wedding anniversary this week, she posted a TikTok of a video from her big day - but it's not the typical lovey-dovey tribute you may expect.

"4 years ago today I walked down the aisle to marry the love of my life," wrote Loren, "It was one of the most important & emotional moments of our life and my husband did the most romantic thing... He checked his freaking phone."

People were absolutely scandalized by the video.

It's received over 2 million views and has over 270,000 likes. But not everyone sees the funny side.

"I would have probably turned around and walked home," wrote one furious commenter.

"I have a CONSTANT battle with my husband and his phone," another agreed.

Other common complaints included it being a "red flag" and "suspicious" while another simply wrote, "Divorce." Harsh.

However, some were a little more understanding.

"I do that when I'm nervous," explained one commenter, "I always pull my phone out."

"You can tell he is nervous," wrote another, "It's a big moment."

Nonetheless, it seems Taylor and her hubby are still very much in love. She explained on TikTok her husband "was sooooo nervous" and she "thought it was funny."


Reply to @ajbarnhardt honestly we’ll never really know... #weddingtiktok #crypto

♬ original sound - taylor loren

She even posted a follow-up video making light of the situation.

"Babe," Loren says to her husband, "TikTok wants to know why you were checking your phone while I was walking down the aisle." And he jokingly replies, "'Cause crypto never sleeps."

Well, that's one explanation...