Group of White Cops Beat Black Undercover Officer at BLM Protest

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The Black Lives Matter movement is now stronger than ever before.

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As the fight for civil rights and equal opportunities continues to march on, support for the Black Lives Matter movement has reached an all time high.
Sadly, the increase in support has come following countless tragedies, such as the horrific death of George Floyd, as well as the killing of Breonna Taylor and many, many more.

This story proves yet again why the movement is needed.

via Prosecutors Exhibit

This is the story of Detective Luther Hall who was working undercover at a BLM protest along with a white colleague. Hall was documenting the protest, filming it on his mobile phone.
Both were arrested by their unknowing colleagues. While the white officer was released unharmed, Hall had his phone smashed, was beaten, and suffered permanent neck injuries.

Hall immediately underwent multiple surgeries following the attack.

However sadly, due to the extensive damage done by his fellow cops, he suffers permanent damage to his neck
During the trial, Hall testified that he didn’t identify himself to the officer who arrested him, Boone, and the other officers because he didn’t want to out himself to the protesters.

Boone has a history of violence.

Officer Boone has a history of violence against protesters and racism.
Back in 2017 he allegedly slapped a case suspect in the face and sent officers texts joking about it.
In the texts, Boone reportedly said that the suspect “got his eyes widened with a little slap from a white boy. lol.” In other texts, Boone allegedly used the n-word.

Boone was found guilty.

Now, Boone has been found guilty of depriving his injured fellow officer, Detective Luther Hall, of his civil rights. This could put Boone behind bars for up to ten years.
Boone’s sentence is expected in early July.