Grumpy Cat Has Died at Age 7 | 22 Words

Today, the internet has lost a true hero and icon. That may sound like hyperbole, but it really truly isn't. Grumpy Cat feels like one of those staples of the internet that was there when it began and would remain until they pry it out of our cold dead hands.

For those unfamiliar with our beloved Grump Cat, you're in for a treat. Grumpy Cat was a cat that was just always... well, grumpy. She was a perfect outward reflection of how we all felt. She told us it was okay to be grumpy, hell, maybe it was even cool to be grumpy.

Not to mention Grumpy Cat was hilarious. Her memes and appearances were always the perfect juxtaposition of a fun moment with a grumpy cat. And we loved her for it. So take a trip down memory lane with us as we memorialize the internet's most famous cat.

Tardar Sauce (aka Grumpy Cat)'s death was sadly announced by her owners on Twitter.

Her journey ended as it started. With a post on the internet.

Meet Grumpy Cat.

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She was a revolution. Her owners first posted this picture of her to Reddit back in 2012, and immediately, the internet was in love.

Before no time, she was a bonafide celebrity.

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She made appearances on Broadway. (She might even be more famous than some of those Cats actors).

She got her own wax statue at Madame Tussauds.

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Some actual human celebrities don't even get a spot at Madame Tussauds. That's cultural impact...

She even had her own Lifetime Christmas movie.

This isn't even a joke cover. This is a real movie, that you can buy. Today. And it's low-key a masterpiece.

She made appearances on magazine covers.

What's not to love about this adorable little furball? That's exactly how my face would look if they asked me to be on the cover of Reader's Digest.

And most recently, she became the best part of Game of Thrones season 8.

That hashtag is now super depressing...

The internet's heart is broken.

And rightfully so. She's the best meme the internet has ever had.

But she joins some beloved internet friends.

I just hope Grumpy Cat can tell Stan Lee all about Avengers: Endgame because he didn't get a chance to see it before he passed.

Even @WeRateDogs is in mourning.

And rightly so. They were like equal and opposite memes, but I'm sure they loved each other.

The owners announced her passing on Twitter.

"We are unimaginably heartbroken to announce the loss of our beloved Grumpy Cat."

So, pour one out for Grumpy Cat, and enjoy the last few memes she ever graced.

Standing ovation for becoming synonymous with the internet. Only Al Gore has accomplished the same feat.

YouTube sent their condolences.

Grumpy Cat should have had her own vlog. We can all see that now.

A classic Grumpy Cat meme.

This is how she would have wanted to go -- hating on everything.

She made everyone smile.

Because she hated life just as much as we all pretend to. Is that too dark a sentiment?

From another Reddit legend to you.

Shitty Watercolour jumped in to offer his condolences to this beloved icon.

This is my exact mood right now.

How can I even be grumpy at a time like this? It feels so wrong.

Not now, The Onion! Not now...

This just cuts way too deep for me right now.

Remember that one time Obama imitated Grumpy Cat?

Obama truly was the internet's president. I wish they'd both come back.

Even Star Wars is sad.

Does Grumpy Cat exist in the Star Wars universe? Can we get a Grumpy Cat force ghost in Episode IX?

Remember Ken Bone? Well he's sad too.

Because apparently, he's still relevant. I suppose he is still a meme.

@iamKittens is feeling the love.

Because if anyone is sad about this whole affair, it's kittens.

Tyrion Lannister weighs in.

Grumpy Cat's death hit harder than both Jamie and Cersei's combined. Don't @ me.

This man is a NYT best selling author.

In case you had any concerns with how far Grumpy Cat's reach truly was.

The most ambition cross-over event in history.

Grumpy Cat meets Grumpy. Nothing could be better than this.

This is exactly how I imagine it happened.

Grumpy Cat would nope straight out of heaven faster than she's ever run in her little life.

This is another NYT bestselling author.

Guys, Grumpy Cat is universal. But we already knew that.

We had to show you this art.

So grumpy. Much cat. Such sad.

Grumpy Cat departs for that great big beautiful tomorrow.

She will be missed but never forgotten.

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