A man has broken a Guinness World Record for the most stacked M&M's... ever.

Will Cutbill, a civil engineer from the U.K, broke the record while bored one day during the U.K's third national COVID-19 lockdown.

Will, who attempted the record on January 31st, 2021, broke the record by stacking just 5 M&M's on top of each other.

It breaks the previous record of 4 that was formerly held by both, Silvio Sabba from Italy and Brendan Kelbie from Australia.

Speaking with Guinness World Records, Will said: "One day in lockdown I was mixing up my confectionary choice, usually I'm a chocolate bar type of guy but this time the bag of M&M's called me and boy am I glad they did!

"At first it wasn't very many until one day I thought right let's crack this, so I sat down very determined to complete it. As you can tell from my video [I] was absolutely ecstatic when I achieved it!"

To begin with, it took Will several attempts. In fact, he actually failed at beating the record hundreds of times before he was, at last, successful.

Talking about his "talent," he said: "My balance is awful I can barely stand on one leg! But I have a talent for chocolate - of any variety stacked, balanced, or just simply eaten!"

Upon completing the record, Will said that he had achieved his lifelong dream.

"I've had a lifelong ambition to break a Guinness World Records title, I've always wanted one. I've bought the books every year and have always dreamed of one day reading my name in it," he explained.

So, how did Will celebrate this momentous occasion? Well, he celebrated by eating the M&M's he had just stacked to win the record.

And it seems his win has spurred him on to take on more records.

"This has inspired me, I want to let my creative juices flow, see what else I may be good at and then attack it with the same determination I did here!" he said.

So, do you think you could beat the record for most stacked M&M's? If so, how many do you think you could stack?