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Aussie’s have always had an affinity for beer. Beer and Australia go together like a roo and a kanga, like reef and coastline, like a surf board and a shark tooth necklace. Separating the Aussie from his beer can be a trying and difficult manoeuvre. On one Quantus flight to Perth, an Australian man was told that he couldn’t bring his beer onto the flight with him. So he wasted no time in checking it it, and waiting for it to roll out the other side at baggage reclaim. However, a beer is nothing, in this article we’ll take you through some of the most outrageous items lost at the airport. Things are going to get weird. 

Australians like to drink, and that's not just a stereotype.

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In 2016-17, Australians drank oner 186 million litres of pure alcohol. That’s 9.4 litres for every man woman and teenager over 15 years old. 

They particularly like to drink beer

They have hundreds of mainstream beer brands and rank above the UK in beers-per-capita… and that’s saying something.

Here’s what happened when one Australian man couldn’t take his beer on the flight

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It was a flight to Perth with Quantus.

Him and his mates decided to check it in...

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His beer was tagged and sent off with the other baggage. The staff happily complied. 

Turns out he had an inside hand…

"My mate works at the airport and we hatched the plan as a laugh — I half didn’t expect it to come out the other end."

Here’s the beer, tagged and ready to go.

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There’s something quite heartwarming about it. 

Here it is coming off the dispenser

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Who left that beer there? 

Here’s the broad shot

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It’s like a kids story for drunken adults. 

Comment section

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I think this guy just about sums it up. 

Now, let us take you on a strange journey.

Airport staff actually have a much more surreal job than you’d think. Here’s a list of amazing abandoned luggage items taken in airports. We have Ranker to thank for this list. 

Canadian Goose

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Yes. Not a Canada goose… a Canadian goose… a full size, stuffed Canadian goose. 

Vacuum-Packed Frogs

What were they planning on doing with these? Some kind of voodoo ritual. 

Five pounds of cocaine

Now that’s how to travel! 

Model 8 Remote Control Plane

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Jesus, this is getting a bit meta. 

19th Century Chinese Opium Scales

Evidently for a time traveller with a drug problem. 

Tibetan Dung Chen

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In case you don’t know what this is - and you definitely don’t - it’s a seriously hefty Tibetan instrument. Why would someone go to the trouble of getting one of these only to lose it. 

Suit of Armour

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I do always feel under-protected and exposed when I fly. 

A Naval Guidance System

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You know… for the plane… but in the luggage… 

Apostles spoons

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A real artefact: 'Each set of 13 features images of Jesus and the 12 apostles carved into the handle.’ 

Traditional Chinese Dragon Kite

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There’s going to be a very solemn Chinese New Year somewhere in the world. 

Barbie Doll Stuffed With Money

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It’s either a smuggler or a kingpin kid - $500 stuffed inside her head. 

Hoggle! From Labyrinth!

I’m serious! The actual Hoggle! He lives in the Unclaimed Baggage Museum now. I wonder if that’s where Bowie is? 

1770s Violin

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The price of that thing must be through the roof. Those are so rare. 

300 Tortoises

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This is getting trippy. ‘Authorities in Malaysia found no less than 300 rare, live tortoises and a bunch of drugs in two suitcases on a flight bound for Madagascar.’ 

Egyptian Artefacts

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The mummified falcon was found at customs and sold at Christies. 

$1 Million

Someone found this in Australia. Why would you travel with it all at once? This is what happens when you’re a sloppy smuggler.

5.8 Karat Diamond

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Just put it in your bum you idiot! Actually, on second thoughts… 

A live rattlesnake

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Pity the poor customs officer who found that one. 

40 Karat Emerald

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Again… no pain no game here people. Keeping it in your sock just isn’t going to cut it. This is all your fault. 

Last But Not Least - A wife

'A Frenchman tried to smuggle his Russian wife into the EU by packing her into a suitcase but was foiled after Polish border guards spotting his suspiciously large luggage.’ Oh my god…