Prom is by far one of the most important dates in the high school calendar but, sadly, not everyone can afford the hefty price tag that comes with it.

However, one young man has gone viral this week for his creative and thoughtful gesture to his sister on her prom day. Keep scrolling for the full story...

Now, finding the perfect prom dress is a big deal for a lot of teens.

Whether it's a huge princess-inspired dress or something a bit more laid back, it's a decision that weighs heavy on our minds in the lead up to the big day.

But, there's one problem...

Those prom outfits can come with a hefty price tag.

Some of these ensembles are priced staggeringly high...

And sadly, for this reason, not everyone can afford the prom dress of their dreams.

This was the case for one girl, whose parents couldn’t afford to buy or even rent her a ball gown...

Leaving her no choice but to miss out on the event entirely.

But when the girl’s brother, Maverick Francisco Oyao, saw how upset she was about missing the big day, he decided to make her a dress from scratch...

And, luckily for us, he shared his entire creative journey on Facebook.

People are seriously impressed with his creativity...

It all started when their school announced the end of term prom.

But Maverick’s parents, from Zamboanga City, Philippines, couldn't afford to buy or rent a dress for their daughter, despite her eagerness to attend the celebration.

Maverick immediately came up with the idea of making his sister a dress out of fabric he collected.

It was a difficult process, but he was determined to make it work.

After searching for inspiration online, he came across Michael Cinco’s spring and summer collection...

That's where he got his idea for the perfect dress and decided to create it with his own hands.

“This was my first day. I was nervous and didn’t know where to start. I cut out 9 pieces of blue fabric, decorated them with a satin ribbon, and sewed them all together to make a skirt."

“Since there was no space inside the house, we tried the skirt on outside. Fifty percent of the work was done - my sister’s dress was almost finished."

“I used flower details on the skirt."

“I painted an ombré blue bodice to fit in with the color pallet of the lower part of the dress. I would come home from school and work on it. Sometimes I’d get extremely tired, but by imagining the outcome, I got the energy to continue the hard work."

“What I love most about the whole dress is the sleeves."

“And at last - a day I will never forget! I even cried with joy because all those sleepless nights paid off."

“And here I am with my sister. I didn’t expect to finish it in time. I even doubted if I could do this or not because the concept was different from what I was already doing."

"I’m happy to see my sister happy." What a beautiful story and an amazing big brother! Keep scrolling for more...