Guy Feasts on KFC in Middle of Vegan Protest | 22 Words

The war between vegans and meat-eaters rages on.

Whilst most people understand a great deal more than ever before about the vegan diet and lifestyle, vegan activism still enrages some meat-eaters.

I guess some people really don't appreciate being called a murderer whilst they're trying to enjoy their lunch break...

Equally, I guess some people don't like watching others eat the flesh of animals on their lunchbreak...

It's all very complicated.

Continue scrolling to see how this complicated divide led to a KFC stand-off at a vegan protest in Sydney.

It's true KFC can be hard to beat...

For us meat-eaters, there's nothing quite like the finger-lickin' good of Colonel Sanders' deep-fried chicken.

Of course, it can make us all feel guilty...

I mean, the general consensus in 2019 is that consuming meat is harming the planet and just plain cruel. We're terrible people, but we just love fried chicken... what can we do?

It seems that younger generations have more profound respect for animals.

The generations coming up now are passionate about the environment, passionate about meat-free diets and anti-plastic.... Not to say that all of them are little Greta Thunberg's...
" target="_blank">Twitter For those that can remember when supermarkets did not stock any dairy alternatives, when there was only ever one vegetarian option in a restaurant, and when that said vegetarian option was probably always cheese... they can see how far the world has come in accepting the vegan lifestyle.

Protests bring about change.

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As much as we can make fun of the vegans lined up outside our local KFC, we should respect the time and energy these people have taken to cultivate their beliefs and attempt to bring about actual change.

How many of us ever imagined KFC would bring out a meat-free bucket?

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I certainly never imagined it for one. Saying that most fast food places are starting to cater to vegetarians and vegans in their restaurants. I guess when there's a demand, big businesses will adapt to meet it.

Vegans and vegetarians get way less stick than they used to.

Back in the day being veggie would mark you out as a "type" of person. Now so many people are adopting a meat-free lifestyle, it's no longer really a thing.

More and more families are going meat-free.

There are even kindergartens now that have created completely meat-free menus, to teach kids about eating consciously.

So why the hostility?

There are plenty of meat-eaters that get real frustrated by vegans... especially the ones that protest. Threats to interrupt or disrespect their protests are not uncommon.

Vegan groups have come up with all kinds of ways to protest.

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From dressing up as animals, locking themselves in cages to showing shocking images and playing gruesome videos... they come up with all kinds of ways to capture people's attention.

Protests can become violent...

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Depending on what the protest involves, the vegan activist could end up putting themselves in danger. Of course, those that do put themselves in the firing line believe the cause to be worth the sacrifice.

Those that detest vegans are certainly not afraid of them.

It seems that some people who oppose veganism think that anyone living a vegan lifestyle is weak, and a bit of a none threat.

It doesn't matter how serious the vegan protestors are...

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If a meat-eater comes along that thinks veganism is dumb they tend to feel no qualms about making their opinions heard.

Which is exactly what this fellow did...

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Whilst a vegan protest was taking place in Sydney, Australia an unknown man rolled up who proceeded to face the activists and eat an entire KFC meal.

The Sydney protest was a peaceful one.

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The activists were not shouting, they did not get in people's faces or demand to be listened to. They simply held up screens that showed the atrocities that happen at the slaughterhouses before meat reaches our plates.

Arguably the mystery meat-eaters protest was peaceful too.

I mean it wasn't like he was throwing the fried chicken at the vegan protestors, or forcing them to eat it. You could argue he has as much right to profess his love of eating chicken as much as they have the right to protest their belief that eating meat is wrong... See? I told you it was complicated.

You can watch the video here:

Watch the footage for yourself and determine whether you think the man's decision to eat his KFC meal at the protest was offensive or not. Then continue scrolling to read about the angry parents who are not happy that their children's nursery has gone completely meat and dairy-free...