This Guy Found a Way to Troll People Who Asked Him for Free Stuff | 22 Words

If you’re an artist, chances are someone has at some point tried to hit you up for some free art. The requests can range from harmless to mildly annoying to straight-up clueless, especially when they don't take into account the amount of time and effort that goes into a piece of art.

Birmingham, England–based artist Jon Arton has gotten his fair share of these requests, so he decided to have some fun with the people who were sliding into his DMs. As he told Buzzfeed, “I got a little irritated by them and sending a silly picture seemed like a funny idea. It was a bit therapeutic.”

Keep reading to find out how he dealt with the requests (spoiler alert: it’s hilarious).

First, check out some of his art:

Arton specializes in portraits of both people and animals.

He draws many celebrities.

And, Jon definitely knows his way around a ballpoint pen.

His portraits of pets are quite amazing!

They're a perfect piece for anyone who is looking for someone to draw their furry friend.

He’s even drawn Star Wars characters.

These are all sorts of awesome.

Arton gets a lot of requests for free drawings, so he decided to do a little trolling.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

And the results are hilarious.

It’s such an accurate drawing.

We hope she made it her profile picture and shared it everyone in her network.

Check out this pup picture.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

Nailed it!

This is Art, people.

We especially love the caption on this little furry dog.

Arton’s take on Michael Jackson.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

The resemblance is uncanny. Honestly, I can't tell the difference between either picture.

Snapchat filters come alive.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

Human or animal? We’re not sure, but what we do know is that it's hilarious. 

The recipient of the drawing wasn’t amused.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

Touché! What a great clap-back! 

Dropped the mic.

We can see where Arton is coming from—people don’t seem to understand how much time and effort it takes to create beautiful art.

Next up, Harry Styles.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

Best drawing ever! I love how he told this person it would take him a few days to draw it. 

Harry would be proud.

The artistry is just off the charts.

Inconvenient cropping.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

He did the best he could with what he had. 

Cool hat!

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

He’s right—backwards hats are much cooler. And, whistling does seem like a hard act to draw. 

It’s so ridiculous it’s funny.

And we kind of love it.

A little trolling.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

Whistling, duckface...same thing. Either way, it's a funny way to pose for a photo. 

Beware of the duckface.

That go-to pose from the early 2000s really needs to go. 

Snapchat realness.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

As his caption says, “It’s not an easy task creating fine art from poorly taken, out of focus selfies with Snapchat filters but I’m no average artist."

Nailed it.

The top of her head looks especially impressive. I appreciate its cone-like shape.

So close, yet so far.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

What a lovely token of friendship that these two can now cherish forever.

Fun with perspectives.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

Yep, definitely super cool. I love how big her head is compared to theirs.

Too good.

The attention to detail is so mind-blowing!

Enrique Iglesias.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

We’re so glad he remembered to erase the mole. Could you imagine how strange it would look if he left the mole there?

Enrique is quaking.

Or maybe he is overwhelmed by the beauty of this portrait.

Folks are catching on to the trolling.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

To a hilarious effect. But, that doesn't mean Jon will stop.

Huge fan.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

Talk about taking something literally. This one is as literal as it can get!

Arton decided to use his viral success for a good cause.

via: Jon Arton via Instagram

He set up a JustGiving fundraiser to support the Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity—in return for a donation, he’s making doodles for everyone who donates.

Be sure to check out his art!

From the silly to the serious, it’s always fun supporting an up-and-coming artist. Find him at jonarton on Instagram. Don’t forget to share this article on Facebook!