Guy Photoshops Himself Having Fun Adventures With Disney Characters

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Growing up and watching Disney meant that we all dreamt about Peter Pan coming in through our bedroom windows and taking us on a magical adventure through the night. Or is that just me? I always waited up that little bit longer, just hoping that, one day, he and Wendy would ask me to come along with them. It was always disappointing to wake up in the morning with no recollection of a late-night adventure.

Instead of that, maybe I should have done what this illustrator has been doing for the past couple of years. Luigi Volo is a designer from Naples who spends his time photoshopping our favorite Disney characters into photographs. And the results will make your hearts melt.

Here are some of the best ones. And I’ve even thrown in some non-Disney characters just to spice things up a little. Have fun!

We’re going to start off with this one because it’s iconic. Don’t smoke, kids.

I bet that wasn’t a very successful shopping trip.

There’s nothing better than sending some quality time with your besties, is there?

4. Blue is so not your color.

I would have done a “Sleeping Beauty” and gone for a pink dress instead.

Can someone pass me a flower garland, please?

Everyone has those down days.

Aurora’s not going to be happy when she wakes up.

It takes a helping hand to look this good.

Three is never a crowd with this combination.

This one’s bound to be painful.

Movie night at mine! See you guys there!

This is my mom when she realizes I skipped out on lunch. God.

I could sure use Hank’s help every morning.

Imagine being able to adopt these little babies? I’d definitely volunteer to have all three.

Ghibli, you might need a slightly bigger umbrella…

I can’t imagine what would happen if The Beast was nicked with that blade…

That looks pretty comfy, if I do say so myself.

Imagine waking up and finding that you’ve turned into an animation? Yeah, it would have been cool if I was six years old, but now, no thank you!

We all need a little help once in a while…

Um… I don’t think Ariel’s going to be happy about this one…

I know it’s not real but don’t even start me on how cute this is!

Luigi just wanted his boat back…

The struggle is definitely real.

Tom could never do it, so what makes you think you ever could? 1 point to Jerry.

This is the face you make when you’re watching a movie with your mom and an inappropriate scene comes on.

You guys might need a parachute for this landing.

A classic.

It doesn’t look like Merlin’s going to let you sleep this one out.

If Cinderella was re-made, this is probably what the plotline would consist of. We stan.

There are downsides of being friends with Olaf…

Andy took Woody with him to camp this time, so Luigi jumped in as a replacement.

The entire family turned up to watch Luigi as he works on his latest designs.

Having long hair really comes in handy…

We’re all for supporting unlikely couples.

I’m loving that expression, Jaffar, really brings out your eyes.

36. A casual day out.

When Mowgli asked to hang out, I didn’t think he meant it literally

When the world turns away, Raymond’s always got your back.

I love how Mike and Sully are acting the scenes out. It really brings the story to life for Boo.

Even with Remy as a mentor, Luigi managed to **** things up. Let’s just order some food.

You’re going to need a lot of upper body strength for this one.

My head hurts seeing this.

Those things are vicious!

This one’s kind of creepy.

You can’t pick your family. Unless you’re Luigi, then you can just draw them and bring them to life.

I mean, the least Luigi could do is look happy about it!

They seem to follow him around everywhere!

I would have warned him not to get tangled in Ursula’s lies, but I think I’m a little late.

Um… I think you’ll have to get yourself another cup of coffee…

Baloo’s always got you back.

Um, I feel like I’m interrupting something?

Is another Disney character hitting on Luigi? Change the record.

There’s nothing that keeps Bambi distracted more than a toy butterfly on a string. Aw!

As annoying as Cheshire Cat is, he’s also too cute to scold.

Tick-Tock loves a good Italian snack…

Let’s hope this one turns out better than Ariel’s picture.

Yeah, I bet you thought having a monkey as a pet would be a good idea until you realized just how tiring they are. Abu is very cute though!

I’m sure Luigi could do with a shot of Espresso right now.

Maleficent isn’t done with you yet, Luigi.

Pinnocio and the gang seem very impressed with your work. So are we!

True friendships don’t depend on the borders that separate us. Whether it be a fence or artistic barriers, Luigi has proved that none of that matters!