In a world wherein bad news seems to dominate the headlines, it can seem difficult to remember that good things are happening around us all the time. Just because they aren't as big and flashy, and don't grab the attention of the world so totally, it doesn't mean that there isn't still good out there. And one viral video from this week has got the whole internet's heart melting.

The unlikely setting for this cute act of kindness was the New York City subway. In a series of videos captured by a fellow passenger, a man notices a young boy watching him on his phone. But instead of becoming annoyed, he has quite a different reaction.


Usually, public transport doesn't provide the most heartwarming experience.

If it isn't being elbowed in the face, it's sitting next to someone who's forgone their past few showers, or hearing the dulcet tones of loud phone conversations and screaming babies.

But even if things are relatively quiet, it's not usually a place of joy.

And, usually, there's one culprit isolating all of us in our own personal public-transport bubble - the dreaded cell phone.

In fact, some find our reliance on our cellphones worrying.

There's a real possibility that the fact that we're all in our own little worlds and not interacting with our environments will prevent us from forging genuine human connections.

But one instance captured on social media proves that it isn't the case.

via: Facebook

In a now-viral Facebook video, we see how a cellphone actually brings two unlikely pals together - in a supremely adorable way.

And people have gone wild for the video series.

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While it doesn't do anything massive for the world, sometimes, it's these small and seemingly irrelevant acts of kindness that can end up making a huge difference.

One Facebook user made this valid point.

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The world seems to be constantly dominated by upsetting, depressing, worrying, and infuriating tales of injustice and pain. But it's important to remember that good stuff is always going on in the background, too.

The videos were taken by a Facebook user called Kia Tatiyana Davis.

She spotted the cute interaction while riding the NYC subway and couldn't resist sharing it with the world. She captioned the vids: "What I witnessed today on the train. I almost cried y'all."

They show two unlikely candidates making fast friends.

One man is playing a game on his phone, while a young boy next to him surreptitiously tries to sneak a peek. The man notices and glances up at the boy, making him laugh.

But it gets even cuter.

After finishing his turn, the man then offers the young boy a turn at the game - and he's visibly thrilled about it.

Just when you thought that the world was completely awful...

It's nice to be reminded that kindness still exists - and that you just have to look out for it. If this has you hungry for more heartwarming content, keep scrolling for the incredible story of Hank the Dog. Tissues at the ready!