Guy Posts Harrowing Twitter Thread That Details the Devastating Power of the Australian Fires

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Australia is in the midst of one of the worst bushfire crises the world has ever seen. Since September, entire communities have been engulfed by relentless heat and fires, resulting in the death and destruction of millions of animals and native bushland.

The conditions that the Australian people are currently living under are simply unimaginable… So one man decided to give a little bit of context for those who are lucky enough to have never experienced such devastation.

Keep scrolling to see the heartbreaking thread…


Due to soaring temperatures and one of the worst droughts in years, the relentless fires have been burning since September. We’re currently in January. Just let that sink in.  

And New South Wales, in particular, is suffering immensely at the moment.

There have been fires reported in every state, but New South Wales is truly taking a beating by bush fires and is undoubtedly the hardest hit. According to CNN, so far, in New South Wales alone, more than 2000 homes have been destroyed.

Business Insider reported that close to a hundred and thirty bush fires continue to burn in populated coastal and inland regions to the city’s north.  

Including several volunteer firefighters.

Last month, the smoke was so bad in Sydney that air quality measured eleven times the “hazardous” level, CNN reports.

Firefighters all over the country have been tirelessly battling the formidable blazes and are struggling to contain them. Keep scrolling to see the heartbreaking pictures of the aftermath.

In total, more than 5.9 million hectares (14.6 million acres) have been burned, CNN reports, and over half a million animals, birds, and reptiles have perished. And those who managed to escape the flames have lost their homes and all their possessions.

And are left stranded awaiting evacuation. It’s a truly heartbreaking sight.

Sadly, Australia has only just entered summer, meaning temperatures could remain high for some weeks. In fact, temperatures usually reach their highest during January and February, so there may be no end in sight for months.

Australia’s residents are living in completely unimaginable conditions.

The scenes are truly apocalyptic, making the rest of us incredibly thankful for what we have.

Most of us can only imagine what it’s like to live under such terrifying conditions…

So one Australian man decided to give a simple account of just what’s at stake for the country’s inhabitants.

Brodie, who lives and works as a historian in Germany, is Australian and wanted to highlight the severity of the situation in his home country.

Landmass larger than the entire country of Belgium is currently burning in Australia, and air quality is effected up to 2,000km away. Just let that sink in.

Completely shocking.

The fire trail in the state of New South Wales alone could stretch from Sydney to Afghanistan.

“Climate change is a ‘political issue’ that shouldn’t be discussed at this time, apparently.”

And explained how, despite their tremendous bravery, the sheer danger they are putting themselves in, and their commitment to saving their land and the lives of the people and wildlife, they aren’t getting paid a single penny. Where is the justice?

Australia’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, decided to take a little vacation to Hawaii while his country burned. I mean, that’s one way you can say you just don’t care…

The New South Wales emergency services minister has also taken a quick break. Not the most convenient time to top up the tan, is it?

Despite the horrific blazes ravaging the country, governments across all states authorized their annual firework displays for New Year’s Eve. Oh, these cost millions of dollars, by the way. Yet still no paycheck for the firefighters out on the front lines. What world are we living in?

Australia has bushfires every year… What makes it so different this year? He highlighted how the sheer scale of this event is unprecedented, and those previous preventative methods are now simply hopeless.

Bodie explained how they exceed both the Amazon fires and the California fires, and how the air quality in Sydney can equal to smoking a packet of cigarettes a day.

And is setting off building fire systems.

So Bodie invited us to imagine a continuous temperature of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way from Denver to Boston, and Seattle to New York.

It’s not worth thinking about, is it?

Picture an unbroken line of fire, stretching from New York to Los Angeles, then back to New York, then heading back to Los Angeles and getting at least as far as Indiana. That’s in one Australian state.

You might forgive Brodie for continuously calling out Australia’s Prime Minister, who continues to insist that climate change isn’t a real issue.

None of this is okay.

Though, since the thread was posted, there were some improvements.

The federal government finally approved that firefighters who have taken days off work will now be paid $300/day for a maximum of twenty days.

And he was blown away by the positive response, so quickly added links to various GoFundMe pages and charities in which people can donate money to help the cause. If you click on the Twitter link above, you yourself can donate whatever you can.

It’s always heartwarming to see communities from all across the globe rally together to collectively fight against devastating disasters like the Australian bushfires. Let’s hope Australia will get the help and aid they need very soon.