Guy Sets up Resume Stand, Gets Interview in 3 Hours and Lands Dream Job

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A man who took his difficult job search into his own hands has captured the internet’s attention this week…

We all know the job interview process can be stressful.

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Especially when it feels like you’re trying, trying, and getting nowhere.

It can feel like you’re applying for thousands of jobs and hearing nothing in return.

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So one graduate decided to take matters into his own hands.

Haider Malik, twenty-four, had a first-class degree in banking and finance from Middlesex University London.

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But he’d been searching for his dream job since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020.

He set up a stand outside of the busy Canary Whard tube station in London, UK.

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The station is in the heart of London’s business district, and swimming with potential employers.

Rather than using conventional means to find a job, he decided to look at the source.

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Malik set up a poster board with all of his educational and professional qualifications and waited for the offers to come rolling in…

And, amazingly, it worked!

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Within three hours, Malik had received an offer for an interview …

And the good news continued!

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As, by the end of the week, Malik had secured the job!

“The first five minutes or 10 minutes I felt nervous because I was standing there empty-handed,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I found it really awkward. I didn’t know what I was doing, I found it really weird.”

“I had all my CVs in my bag. I was standing there empty-handed trying to look at people and hoping to meet people rather than being proactive and speaking to them.”

“I held my CV in my hand and I was just saying good morning to people, just trying to engage people in a conversation. A lot of people gave me their cards, they gave me their phone numbers, and started talking to me.”

“Recruiters ask for two years’ experience and you’ve just come out of university and you’re not meant to have that. That’s one of the other reasons I went out [to Canary Wharf] as well.”

“It was really cool the way it happened – I took a chance.”