People Are so Annoyed at This Guy Who Takes Photoshop Requests Literally | 22 Words

If there's one art form that is truly the soul of the 20th century, it has to be Photoshop. Few other things express the bizarre humor and creativity that has come to life in the age of the internet. And one man has found a way to create an art form all his own: taking Photoshop requests and fulfilling them as literally as possible.

James Fridman has a following of over 1.5 million people on Twitter and it's no secret why: his Photoshop jobs are absolutely hilarious. Whether you're asking him to remove something from your background, make you look cuter, or add a fun prop, he never gives you exactly what you wanted. But you could say that he gives you what you need. He's like some sort of Photoshop Yoda.

Keep scrolling to see some of his greatest works: and get ready to laugh because this guy truly has a sense of humor.

This is James Fridman.

He's a graphic designer who has a special take on his job. In fact, his specialty is doing work that is not what his clients request, and people absolutely love him for it.

He's a matchmaker of sorts.

If your romantic photo hasn't turned out quite the way you want, just talk to James! He'll fix it right up and make sure that you and your partner are the perfect match.

And sometimes he'll throw in what looks like a classic dad joke.

If you look very closely, you can see that there is still an outline of everything in the photo except for the lamp. Now that's commitment to a very bad joke.

This is exactly what you meant right?

Sometimes the funniest thing you can do is exactly what's asked of you. And sometimes the result is a piece of body horror we'll never forget.

Honestly sometimes people ask for weird things.

So James isn't actually at fault for what he's done. People need to be more specific. Imagine sending a photo to James is like making a deal with the devil: he will find every loophole and exploit it.

No one can resist the allure of potty humor.

What are statues of babies peeing FOR if not for this piece of beautiful artwork? I'm sure the sculptor is proud to know their work is being used for good in this world.

If you're specific he takes you literally. If you're vague he does...whatever this is.

It's important to have romance in your life, usually provided by an oddly buff older man running along the beach.

Ooh what a burn.

To be fair though, James knows what's important in life and that is dogs. Dogs with cute faces, with no distractions like people.

So stupid. So funny.

Be careful what you wish for. James might put you in a refrigerator. Then you'll truly be "cool".

When a picture doesn't turn out quite the way you want it to, James is there for you.

To give you the career you've always wanted as a construction worker. Now there's a picture you can hang on the wall for years to come.

Some of these burns are savage.

You need some ice bro? Because you definitely are not getting a girlfriend.

This photo will haunt my nightmares.

You should be placed in prison James, this is unforgivable. Why would you do that to someone's nose?

As if the photo-based puns weren't enough, sometimes he adds them in text too.

The scrap of jeans is the piece de resistance. That kid never stood a chance.

To be fair, he does have some serious Photoshop talent.

He created an entire background when he moved this guy. Maybe he also should have given the dude a shirt.

Be careful what you wish for.

It might end with a tree eating your face. But maybe you're into that, we're not here to judge. We're just here to look at weird Photoshop jobs.

Me and the boys are outside, cracking open a cold one.

Hold on those boys look like they're about twelve, they absolutely should not be cracking open a cold one!

There's always more than one way to solve a problem.

But they might have some unexpected consequences. Think carefully about what will happen if you get what you want.

Some people just need a little tweak here and there.

I meant they needed a tweak to their photos, but James gave them a tweak to their bodies. This is some Cronenberg-level horror right here.

It's all of nothing here, folks.

"Did you get the guy out of your picture?" "Yes." "What did it cost?" "Everything."

How close you need it?

I would say that, yes, that is a little bit closer.

So close, and yet so far.

When you're reaching out to James Fridman for Photoshop help, you've got to be specific. Real specific. More specific than you've ever been about anything in your whole life.

The original pic was already very cute.

I don't know how seriously these people are taking their Photoshop requests — they have to know James is going to mess with them, right? — but I think this pic is much cuter with them at the end of the bench, in their own little world, than it would be with them at the center.

Who does this guy think he is?

That girls' dress length is just fine. Personally, I think his sleeves are too short.

This is why you always keep two guys on lookout.

One guy looks one way. Another guy looks another way. Let's see the enemy try to sneak up on them now.

Looks delicious.

Somehow, I get the sense that ol' James here is ready to turn anything vaguely round-shaped into an ice cream cone. I'm sure he's got the .png of the cone ready to go.

Au revoir.

I hate to see this blue-suited guy go, but I love watching him leave... (Because it's a funny animation. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Sometimes we all need a little pick-me-up.

And for this dude in the back of the car, his pick-me-up is the power of rock and roll. How can you ever be tired again when you have a mic in your hand and the power to sway your fans with your music?

Won't somebody please think of the boyfriend?

What do we think is this Photoshop requester's endgame? She asks James to get rid of the armpit hair, he does exactly what she asks, and then what? She shows the boyfriend? How's he supposed to feel, knowing the love of his life hates something that grows naturally out of his body? That's devastating.

Gotta get back into those hammys.

No one wants to be seen holding hands with their friends. That's weird. Could even change the relationship. But being a bar for him to stretch out? That's a total bro move.

Doesn't get much younger than that.

What kind of haunts me about this one is the idea that this kid isn't wearing a hat, but that the hat is part of him genetically.

Had to look this one up.

But once I did? I remembered the video for Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone" right away. It's the one where he was naked with Lisa Marie. Remember that? It was weird, and made me feel weird.

One ass, coming up.

I feel like edgy teens these days are not getting enough mileage out of the fact that the word "ass" is both a more crude way of saying butt and also a name of a donkey. They could be saying "ass" in front of their pastors so long as they had a donkey around!

The eyes are the window into the soul, unfortunately.

I remember kissing my first girlfriend and thinking "I wonder what this looks like? I'll just take a quick peek" and when I did she was doing the exact same thing. I still have nightmares about it to this very day.

My man about to get kicked off his parents' health insurance.

If I was this kid, what would truly horrify me about this Photoshop is finding out just how much I look like Kevin from The Office. No one wants to look like Kevin from The Office. Not even Kevin from The Office.

All he needed was a boxing glove.

And James turned this boyfriend into a dog. A cute little boxer dog. At least this Photoshop gave the guy a definite cuteness upgrade.

Now it's even more insulting.

I remember Jerry Seinfeld had a bit about how much more insulting it would be if, instead of giving someone the finger, you gave them the toe. You'd be in traffic, had to take off your sock — the toe would mean that you really meant your revulsion, because you were willing to put in the work to show it off.

Oh, it's a place now?

I don't know why this dude couldn't find weird items and wield them like medieval weapons and also get laid (just so long as he wasn't trying to do them at the same time).

The Polish babes are swooning.

Sure, the dude made a typo, but could it be... the greatest typo of his life? When he marries a cute Polish girl, we'll all know the answer to be a resounding "yes."

"Come back tomorrow. 9 AM."

You don't want to extend your boyfriends' legs' business hours too long. Creating a scarcity — time when your customers want to visit your boyfriends' legs but cannot — is actually really good for your brand.

Who forgets shoes?

I would say I'm 1,000 times more likely to forget to take my shoes off than I am to forget to put shoes on. Wouldn't her feet hurt? That feels like an uneven surface.

Done and done.

Sometimes it seems like James is just all Photoshopped out. In this photo, he couldn't even be bothered to turn down the opacity on a soft brush and paint some gas clouds.

At least specify the house of the character you want to be.

Look, we all love Harry Potter and want to be Harry Potter characters, but turning into Dobby feels... frightening. Not only did he live a life of mostly misery under the Malfoys, but he died pretty horrifically. Also, I don't think his "best friend" Harry ever really liked him unless he was helping him cheat in the Triwizard Tournament.

And a point about our society-wide understanding of beauty was made.

Thing is, there's no such thing as flawless skin, or eyes bluer than already-blue eyes. We just gotta learn to accept ourselves, says the guy who spends most of his time Photoshopping people to be uglier.

This one is a mind puzzle.

With most of these Photoshops, I understand how James does it — he uses layer masks, free transform, etc. But this one, for whatever reason, makes my eyes go cross. What did he do?! Why is she bigger? I'm at a loss.

Splish splash I was takin' a bath.

Okay, this is the one — the best Photoshop of them all. It looks like the picture was taken in the split second between the water hitting him and him realizing what was going on and reacting. True brilliance.

As you wish.

This one is so funny to me. He kind of did what the guy asked, but also not at all? It was just so surprising. I love it.

You want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

You've heard the old "teach a man to fish" parable, right? Well, James here is using Photoshop to impart that exact same lesson. Most of these Photoshops are a troll — this one is a valuable new way of looking at obstacles in your life.

And just when you think you might be able to predict his goofy ways...

He comes up with a new way to prank you. Curses on you James! You're too wily for all of us!

Of all the ways to interpret "ducks"...

I never would have imagined Peking. Still, he did do what they asked and everyone knows if you follow the exact letter of a request no one can ever complain.

Truly Lady Liberty is one of us.

She feels our pain, our sadness, our Photoshop. And if you don't think so, you're un-American.

He does videos too.

The sound effects really take it to a new level. Just when you thought it couldn't possibly be any more.

Be proud of your round face my boy.

You could have an oblong head and no one wants that.  What's truly baffling though is that James chose to also change every other head in this picture.

Words you should not provide to James:

Bigger, remove, resize, move. You definitely don't want to pair any of those words with body parts or you'll end up in deep trouble.

Bad James, this is not how we use Photoshop!

Nor is that how we use human bodies. Put it back immediately or you'll be grounded.

Let's get back to something more wholesome and adorable.

This costume is too frickin' cute! Petition to ask James to put it on every single person in every single photo ever.

Sure, you can always remove something from a photo.

But isn't it more fun to simply hide it? Who knows what's behind that dress? It's like an exciting wedding day mystery.

If you simply have to share that NSFW photo...

James has you covered. By a cow costume. And another pun. James, are you a dad? Because you have strong dad vibes.

Sometimes you just have to stand in awe of true genius.

Is this how you learn to ski? I think this is how you learn to ski.

It truly is a sign.

Look you guys should know by now that you can't just say "the sign" without specifying which one, because James is now the bestower of signs and there's nothing you can do about it.

Much classier.

I bet if she actually did show up to her senior prom with a tower of pizzas she'd instantly become the class hero Something to keep in mind, kids.

That's some serious passion!

Aaaand a great way to ruin an expensive musical instrument. I guess there is such a thing as too much passion.

You should have been more specific.

Honestly, with that much self-confidence and style, this woman deserves to be in the foreground of every photo.

One with nature.

I love how natural her pose is. ....get it? Natural? Because she's a tree?

Beautifully done.

His work really is impressive. No one would ever guess that this photo was altered!

What a guy!

We could all use a true friend like this one who would trade feet with us to help us avoid embarrassment. To be fair, they look better on him anyway.

That's much less noticeable.

Plus, it adds that stylish "distressed" look that's all the rage these days. Excuse me while I go do the same to every pair of pants I own!

Wow, what a jerk.

Let's hope this guy's girlfriend saw his request and immediately dumped him so all he has left is himself, just like in this photo.


This one hits a little too close to home. I'm going to need a minute to recover...

This just doesn't seem practical.

How could you possibly play tennis in this thing? And where would you even find a shirt that big? So many unanswered questions...

There's a smile!

Pizza saves the day again. Is there any problem that a good slice of 'za can't solve?


I don't see how she could be upset about this result. Who wouldn't want to chow down on a bucket of chicken wings next to a chain-link fence?

I'd party with those ladies!

Ain't no party like a Granny party, cuz a Granny party ends with a dislocated hip!


They are lovely teeth. I don't blame her for wanting to show them off.

What a nice, wholesome hobby.

There just aren't enough young men taking up knitting these days. Such a heartwarming sight!

That's gotta hurt!

That sign is there for a reason, ladies. Safety is more important than your cute selfies.

The duck whisperer.

Sure, this editing job is hilarious, but can I just point out how well this guy is rocking that bowtie? A yellow bowtie makes any outfit instantly better.

Look out!

Never mess with a feisty old lady with a frying pan. She's clearly whacked her fair share of young people with that thing.

The hero we need right now.

You don't need muscles, extraordinary abilities, and a skintight suit to be a hero. Just be kind and help others whenever you can. It's that easy.

So refreshing!

That's one cool dude! And not only does that fan keep him nice and comfortable, but it really ties his whole outfit together.

Yet another flawless burn.

This guy should get used to the feel of plastic because this is the only thing he'll be cuddling for the next 30 years.

Who wears short shorts?!

I have to say, all of their legs look great. I fully support dudes showing off as much thigh as possible.

How rude!

That kid's got a great face! Frankly, I don't like this woman's attitude.

Problem solved!

Here's a word of advice: If you're ever holding anyone who suddenly starts dabbing, drop them immediately. People need to learn that there are consequences to their actions.


They do say that couples start to look alike after they've been together for a while...

Too close.

This is why being specific is important when it comes to photo editing requests. Although, he got what he asked for. You can't get much closer than that!

Oh yes, that's much less awkward.

I never thought the idea of two people "holding hands" could be so horrifying. This is the result of taking things a bit too literally.

If only you could turn back time.

For someone looking to downplay his sunburn, that bright pink shirt was a poor decision. was neglecting to wear sunscreen in the first place.

That's an impressive corn dog.

Great, now all I want is a footlong corn dog from the State Fair. And where am I supposed to get a State Fair footlong corn dog at 10 o'clock at night in the middle of winter?!

Hold on tight!

Based on her serene expression, I'm guessing she's not at all prepared for the ride she's about to take. Also, those guys don't look like they know what they're doing.

And just when you least expect it, James comes at you with something heartfelt and unmistakably kind.

Thank you sir.