Guy’s Sexist List Explaining How To Be a ‘Beautiful Woman’ Blows up in His Face

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This is going to be the most infuriating thing you’ll read today… We just can’t believe what this man has said!

And it is not okay.

And you’d think that today, in 2020, equality would be thriving… right?

Although the rights of women are now stronger than ever, certain individuals continue to look down upon women and, even worse, they continue to objectify them.

Cortes is a personal trainer, motivational speaker, and writer who boasts the ability to “optimize your life.”

And now, he’s gone and said something even worse.

And believe me when I say this, people were not happy about it.

They’re thin, able to cook, wear make-up, have long hair, are sensual and graceful, shave their bodies, wear pink and fashionable clothes, and “listen to men.”

And he said that women are only angry because their “excess bodyfat is causing hormonal fluctuations that make you emotional.” What the…?

But going by his social media accounts, he’s deadly serious about what defines a beautiful woman.

And some Twitter users even created their own lists directed at him at how to be a “beautiful man.”

This is the most accurate list on Twitter right now.

But we’re sure in saying his ridiculous little stunt has probably damaged his “valuable” reputation.