The Guys Who Asked the Internet for More Friends Have a Whole New Gang Now

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Just weeks after twenty-three-year-old TikToker Brently and his friend Jeffrey appealed to the internet for more friends to hang out with, the pair ended up meeting dozens at a local park.

Brent Gogan shared the initial video, asking people living in the vicinity of Moncton, in New Brunswick, if he could hang out with them and make some new friends.

“Hi, do you live in the Moncton, NB, area and are looking for more friends?” he said on TikTok.

“Well, I’ve got good news for you cuz we got two of ’em right here. Yeah, We’re pretty cool guys, we like hanging out and this park here, we’re really into movies, video games… We’d really like to be your friend cuz it’s just the 2 of us now. It’d be awesome to get a 3rd person or a 4th or a 5th.”

Shortly after posting, it went viral on Twitter when someone shared the video, with the caption: “This is the most depressing s**t I’ve ever seen.”

The tweet got a lot of hate from other Twitter users who said their video was an example of “normal people using the internet.”

“F**k you. this is perhaps the best example of wholesome, normal people using the internet to try to form genuine connections I’ve seen in at least a decade. I hate so much that atomized, neoliberal ideology has flagged having normal friendships as ‘depressing,'” said a user.

After just a few days, the video gained over a million views on TikTok, and reached a whopping 2 million on Twitter. After getting the message across to a whole lot of people, the duo decided to organize a meet-up.

To their surprise, around thirty people showed up at a park to meet other like-minded people.

He called it “the greatest day of my life” in another video he shared adding that he was overjoyed but also a little surprised to see how many people actually turned up.

“I went and sat at this bench with Jeffrey and we brought the cooler over, and one by one, all these people started showing up,” he said.

“Some people on bikes, some people just walking up, some people getting out of their cars, and I was so amazed, so surprised that all of these people were coming there to hang out with me and Jeffrey. It was this rush of dopamine that I’d never had before. All these people there to be my friend,” he said.

He told CBC News that he thinks the “universe sort of echoes back at you” and what you wish comes back to you. Brently plans to organize regular meet-ups with his new gang of buddies.

He also spoke about his friend Jeffrey, saying: “Like after my mother died a lot of my friends were saying that I was too depressing to be around. Jeffrey was the only one that really stuck by me.”

We’re so glad they finally found people to share their interests with.