Gwen Berry has been a controversial figure during this year's Olympic Games.

Last month, Berry hit headlines after turning away from the US flag during the national anthem at her Olympic trials. Berry believes the Star-Spangled Banner is a racist song and believes the Olympic committee played it on purpose as she ascended the podium after winning bronze in said event.

Previously, Berry had also made headlines for putting up her fist in the air at the 2019 Pan American Games as the national anthem played, after winning the gold at the event.

Berry also said she would repeat the same protest at the actual Olympic Games. This led to much controversy, with Laura Trump, the former POTUS' daughter-in-law, saying she believed many Americans would not want to see Berry on the podium for this reason.

People on the internet were also quick to criticize Berry's stance. "Gwen Berry can stick her hammer where the sun doesn't shine," said a Twitter user. Another wrote: "Go win Election, #Olympics is not for your Social Justice Drama #GwenBerry". Another even went so far as to claim: "Berry is an embarrassment. America hates her. National disgrace & fool."

But in spite of Berry's firm stance and headline dominance, her Olympic performance hasn't been quite so interesting. In fact, she put up a very disappointing performance in the women's hammer throw finals today. Berry placed last out of the competition of eleven, with a distance of 67.66m. Poland's Anita Włodarczy emerged as the gold medal winner having covered a distance of 76.01m. China's Wang Zheng scooped the silver while Malwina Kopron, also from Poland, took the bronze.

It seems people are feeling pretty disappointed. "She should have focused on what she was supported, trained and sent there for, representing the USA proudly, not protesting...there's a time and place for everything ... Send her home at her own expense and replace her with a more deserving and focused athlete whose dreams would be fulfilled by the opportunity wasted on her," wrote one angry Facebook commenter.

Another agreed, saying: "At a gathering of nations games- she is being disrespectful towards the country that sent her to represent it. There are places and times for protesting. This was not one of them."

While a third chimed in: "She should have been concentrating on her sport. She created her own distraction. Win first, then protest if you feel you should. Sad she had probably worked so hard only to cause her own collapse. You can't have distractions at this level."

What do you think of Berry's stance? Is the Olympic Games a place to protest social issues? Or should it be a place kept purely about the sport?