Gwen Stefani’s Engagement Ring Is Worth up To $800,000 Says Jewelry Expert

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A jewelry expert has weighed in on Gwen Stefani’s engagement ring, and he has valued it at an eyewatering sum of money…

Her Instagram post was adorable, to say the least, but one jewelry expert had her eye on her ring and it is apparently worth a lot of money.

She burst into the mainstream music scene as the lead singer of the SoCal rock band, who went on to produce several hits including “Don’t Speak,” “Spiderwebs,” and “Just a Girl.”

After splitting from the band in the early ’00s, the singer embarked on her solo career that skyrocketed her to pop-stardom, seeing her release popular hits such as “Hollaback girl” and “Sweet Escape.”

And has seen the star bag 2 Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, a Brit Award, and many more.

In spite of her successes, she hasn’t fallen short of controversy either.

Throughout the ’90s, in many of No Doubt’s music videos, the singer can be seen wearing a bindi. Bindi’s are worn by South Asian women for religious and cultural reasons, however, the singer continued to wear the decoration as a fashion accessory for her “distinct” aesthetic, ex-Stefani-fan, Wanna Thompson, wrote in an article for Vice.

In 2005 and 2006, Stefani was slammed for appearing with a silent group of Asian-American women, whom the singer called her “Harajuku Girls,” after a group of women that she met in the Harajuku district of Japan.

The singer raised eyebrows when, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she called the “Harajuku Girls” an “art project” and reportedly renamed each of them — “Love,” “Angel,” “Music,” and “Baby” after her new album title.

Asian-American comedian, Margaret Cho, criticized the singer for the cultural appropriation of Harajuku culture. At the time, Cho compared the singer’s Harajuku Girls to “blackface“, while a 2005 Salon article about the Harajuku Girls accused the singer of “fawning” over Harajuku culture in her lyrics.    

Since then, the star has had a “Harajuku Lovers” line of fragrances, made up of 6 scents and a Harajuku Mini fashion line, which was sold in Target.  

During an interview with TIME in 2014, Stefani admitted that she didn’t regret hiring or featuring them, despite the backlash. “There’s always going to be two sides to everything. For me, everything that I did with the Harajuku Girls was just a pure compliment and being a fan… Seriously, that was all meant out of love,” the star said.

Just 3 years ago, Stefani posted an image of herself seemingly wearing African-inspired wear. The singer then had her backup dancers dressed in similar pieces pulled from fashion-house, Valentino’s “wild Africa” themed SS16 collection during an episode of The Voice.

In response, one Instagram user wrote, “You know I had really hoped it was a fluke, that the first image I saw last night was a one-off. It’s really unfortunate that nothing was learnt from the video fiasco @gwenstefani. You should, in my opinion, be using your celebrity as a platform and mentoring new artists against cultural appropriation in this day and age. “There’re so many other ways to be creative than to take very recognizable pieces of other cultures and exploit them.”

… Her love life.

The pair first met on the set of The Voice back in 2015.

And the pair bonded over their own recent heartbreak and respective divorces. “When you’re where she and I were, and you just feel so betrayed and on bottom, this bond that we formed when we found out what each other were going through, it’s still there,” Shelton previously told PEOPLE.

“They’re still madly in love and beyond inseparable,” the source revealed in November. “Blake has wanted to take his time with marriage, but he is absolutely committed to Gwen. They both feel they’ve found their true partner in life and plan to be together forever.”

So of course, people began speculating whether or not they would get married.

Because it’s been announced that the couple are now engaged!

“Do you know how many people say my ‘husband’ about him?” she said, referring to Shelton. “I guess we’re just together.” Well, now he really will be her husband.

And reactions to the happy news came pouring in.

How cute?!

Anyway, as stated earlier, a jewelry expert has weighed in on that huge ring…

And it is just as glam as it looks.

Fancy, I know. However, she then went on to estimate that the diamond is likely between 8 to 10 carats in weight, putting its value between $700,000 and $800,000.

I told you it was worth a lot.

Anyway, congrats to the happy couple!