Gym Transformations That Will Have You Making Your Resolutions Early

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New Years’ resolutions can be fickle. We always mean to follow through, but then we are inevitably swamped with a million reasons not to. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, that resolution is history. 

So, if your resolution is (or has been) to start leading a healthier lifestyle, maybe you could use a bit of motivation! The people in this story made resolutions too. And make no mistake, the goal here wasn’t to be thin, it was simply to change up their diet, and exercise habits that were better for them.

See how those resolutions paid off below. It’s truly never too late to make a few health-conscious changes to your life. Half of the battle is setting your mind to it!

Let’s start with this awesome transformation.

Here I stand today. Started at 325 lbs. Lost half of me. Went through skin removal surgery. It’s been a hell of a ride since I took that first step to a better life in January 2015. I’m around 15 lbs up from my lowest weight (160 lbs) on this journey. But it’s pretty irrelevant at this point. I’m not aiming to be a size 0 or weigh 110 lbs. Sure, I have weight I can still stand to lose. Heck, I’ve gained a few lbs lately just dealing with life. You can’t live your whole life in weight loss mode. There comes a time when you need to separate the journey & simply just living your life. I am beyond happy where I am. Health & happiness is not dependent on a number. Should not. Ever.gymmotivation.gymlife

Trampoline time is family time.

I’ve been spending time with my family this week and getting in my workout with them. Before I changed my life I would have been the advocate for going out to dinner, now I’m pushing everyone to go jump for an hour and a half at the trampoline park.@sylvislimming 

With struggle comes wisdom.

2016 – 2018. Both at Disneyland, almost exactly 2 years apart. It’s sad because when I initially saw the photo on the right this past weekend, I wasn’t going to post it here or in my stories because I thought I looked “fat”. I really got into my head and it was one of those photos that you see and you just feel that “ugh” feeling. You know what I mean? But then I saw it next to this photo and immediately thought “gosh shell, you are so incredible. What you have accomplished is amazing and it’s really sad that you initially felt disappointed by what you saw in that photo because what I see now is everything you worked and dreamed for.”  I’m not kidding, those are the talks I give myself. I tell you this because losing weight doesn’t automatically fix or change the way you see yourself. Some days and some moments, yes there’s a significant difference in acceptance and happiness and love for yourself but you will still have those moments when you doubt yourself or you’re just plain hard on yourself and you see yourself through foggy lenses. At least for me. I’m working really hard on being ok with the times when I see myself through foggy lenses and reminding myself of my worth and my progress and my beauty, just like what I did with this photo.  Being a certain size does not define your worth or your beauty. I know I’m guilty of thinking and feeling that way even still to this day and guys it is so WRONG. It is a lie we tell ourselves, a really SAD lie. Do not fall for that lie, it is a trap! No matter shape or size, we all have worth and beauty and I believe it’s so incredibly important to feel that and to remind yourself daily of that. If we feel good on the inside, we will look good on the outside. A happy healthy mind is a powerful and strong mind and it’s remarkable what a powerful and happy mind can accomplish and conquer. I’ve said it a million times but that’s where every journey needs to start. From the inside out. Happy #transformationtuesday friends.@rachellesjourney_

This woman’s biggest change was the decision to get sober.

The holidays are here and so are the parties! What that used to mean for me was being buzzed before the party even began and then eating until I couldn’t take another bite. I talk about my weight loss daily but not a lot about becoming sober. Deciding to give up alcohol was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Vodka was my crutch! I drank daily and couldn’t control how much I drank (even though I would have told you otherwise). Almost every morning I would apologize to my bf for something I said or did while drunk. It was embarrassing and I felt ashamed. There were so many countless nights I would black out and forget what happened completely. I still remember being piss drunk at a bar and frustrated at my bf because another girl pissed me off (yeah makes no sense!) and I told my bf to leave me at the bar and I’d get an uber home. He left (but he was actually just sitting in the parking lot waiting for me to cool down- I had no clue). 10 mins later I called and apologized and he came back inside. I remember him sitting down with me, I ordered another drink (Irish trash can) and that’s it.  I don’t remember Anything after that. I don’t remember the long drive home where I bitched at him continuously or when he was in the shower and I tore the room apart. (The lamp was thrown across the room and stuff was everywhere.) I don’t remember puking and him rubbing my back and taking care of me. I have so many stories that ended badly because of alcohol and my choice to drink it until I physically couldn’t drink anymore. And guess what!? without alcohol I still have fun! I still enjoy myself at parties and can wake up the next day not feeling like iIgot hit by a bus. I am 8 months sober as of last Saturday, and thankful every day that I chose my health! –@curvy_fit_

Finding a balance is always important.

Haven’t posted a transformation in a while. I sometimes forget how far I’ve come. I feel like I’m in the part of my journey where it feels the most normal and I am no longer stressed over my weight 24/7. I enjoy working out and I eat healthy 80% of the time. I still don’t have full control over my eating but lately, I’ve had more willpower than I have in the past. From the start, I knew this journey would be for the rest of my life and I wanted to get to a point where I would enjoy it for the sake of just living normally and I think I’m close to that point.  I’m happy where I’m at and even though I would like to get my weight lower I’m not stressing how much time it will take to get there and instead just living it day by day. This journey is never easy and it has its moments but it can be enjoyable. Just don’t ever give up on yourself. @bri_getsfit

This woman changed her life for her daughter.

Raising a daughter is one of the hardest things I think I will ever do in my life. I never thought about the impact I would have on her, she looks up to me, cares what I think, watches my every move, wants my approval, learns from me, and my biggest fan. This young lady is fierce, strong, independent, and stunning. I pray that today and every day I can lead and guide her to follow her dreams and walk the path God has mapped out for her. I am so thankful for Weight Watchers and jazzercise,  for helping me get my life back so I can be the best, healthiest role model for my baby girl.  I can’t explain how proud I am of you! Raising you has been pure JOY! You, my sweetness are going to do BIG things!  Perhaps Fearlessness is not something anyone can merely wander into, but the gritty gold dust rising up from the ashes of every single thing they have been through. – Morgan Harper

Weight loss is as much a mental exercise as a physical one.

The body achieves what the mind believes! It’s all a mind game. It’s an emotional and a mental fight rather than a physical one. Train your mind and your body will follow! Its all about determination. If you’re determined to lose all the weight, then you’ll eat clean and work harder and as a result, you’ll lose weight! You have to do both : Diet and Exercise. They go hand in hand. If you concentrate on just the diet and no exercise you won’t lose it and even if you do you’ll gain it right back. Moreover, if you eat junk and train hard you won’t lose weight! Choose wisely! Thank yourself later. @curvy_fit_

Want to lose weight, but unsure of where to start? Here’s a solution:

Many times people are tired of being in a long time rut but they don’t know how to start, what to do. START with these 8 weight-loss tips: 1. DECIDE! This is the #1 most important thing ever. 2. Go for a 20-minute walk daily. Walking has incredible benefits and you can do it anytime, anywhere.  3. Create a vision board. How would you like to feel and look in 3 months, 6 months and 12-months? 4. Don’t drink your calories – water only!  5, Define your “why” this would keep you going on the days you feel like giving up  6. Make sure you choose balance and stability. 7. Start tracking your food. Keep a food journal, it would surprise you how much you actually eat and drink. 8. Be present when you eat. Eat all classes of food in moderation. –gymmotivation.gymlife

This couple is in it to win it.

Today we were lucky enough to meet a follower at our NY gym. She was incredibly sweet, and was using our Mari Fitness band! I think we can both say it was one of the most fulfilling experiences we’ve had on this journey thus far. Fitness has transformed our relationship, our life, everything. It’s moments like this one that reminds us why we do it@marillewellyn

Power through each obstacle!

Hi, my name is Rita. I started my weight loss journey on 6/28/17 and have lost over 145 pounds in just over 15 months naturally with diet and exercise. I have been overweight my entire life, and this is the first time I’ve ever stuck to a diet (I’ve been on so many!). This journey has been anything but easy. Halfway through (in December 2017) I started having really bad abdominal pain.. in February 2018 I had emergency surgery to remove my left ovary (it had a big cyst on it)… I woke up without my ovary and an emergency colostomy bag on top of it! I had the bag for 6 months and just got colostomy reversal surgery in August 2018. A total of 3 surgeries, and 2 recoveries… and I am STILL pushing toward my goals!  Don’t let things in life stop you from accomplishing your goals! –@Revamping_rita

Comparing yourself to other people isn’t the answer.

January 2017 vs. March 2018. 340lbs to 206lbs. My face is hidden because I intended to keep this account anonymous; not because I was unhappy. I’m 5’9″…but for those of you comparing, stop it right now!@diaryofashrinkingmommy

Having a partner in health and in life changes everything.

We’ve been together for going on 18 years– since we were teenagers. We grew up together and we learned everything side-by-side. How to cook, how to budget, how to live with someone, how to build a rock solid relationship, how to build a family, and how to support someone you love through ANYTHING. I don’t think I could possibly have gotten to where I am without his support, influence, and encouragement. If you’ve got that person too, don’t be afraid to lean on them. If you can be that person for someone, do it. Wherever you are in your journey today just keep moving. Focus on the small changes and the next goal. You WILL get there and you won’t regret any of it.@losermentality

Take a look at this 3-year journey.

My Pink Tank Transformation. I KNOW you can do this because I’ve done it! Back when I weighed 240 lbs, I was lazy. I’d sit in front of the TV every day after coming home from work! I always had an excuse to not work out. Until one day I got TIRED OF BEING LAZY & I decided to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. So I worked my butt off for 3 years working out consistently, watching what I ate and always picked myself back up when I’d fall off track. STAY POSITIVE. TAKE YOUR PHOTOS/SELFIES to compare every once in a while! Be your own motivation @graciesjourney

Already, this progress is amazing.

Not every day is going to feel like you are on top of the world, some days are going to feel like the roles are reversed. When these days creep up we have to remind our selves how far we have actually come. Don’t lose sight of all you have already accomplished. Everything else will come with time. At my heaviest, the scale tipped at 700 lbs. I was killing my self slowly till eventually I hit rock bottom and woke up. 2 years and 200 lbs later, I have a new life. I know I still have a ways to go, but I’m happy I’m off to a great start.@thatbigguy700

Josephine Desgrand established an internet following from her lifestyle changes.

You’re stronger than the obstacles you’re faced with. Believe in yourself.@nolongerfatjosie

This pair lost 530 pounds between the two of them.

Don’t allow your ego to be bigger than your heart. It’s not Impossible; I AM POSSIBLE. Be relentless for the things you want in life. If you want it as bad as the oxygen you breathe then change will be imminent. – @possiblepat

BTW, different diets support different goals.

Weight loss vs. muscle gain meal ideas! While no one meal will make you gain or lose weight, your meals and snacks for the day all together will add up to hit your target goals. As a reminder, for fat loss, you need to be in a sustainable caloric deficit. For muscle gain, you need to be in a caloric surplus. For maintenance, you need to be at a caloric maintenance level.@meowmeix

Here’s where quality counts:

The thing about food quality and fat loss is it probably matters less than you think, but how much it matters could vary from person to person. Let me explain. First, directly speaking, there’s no such thing as a food that makes you fat. Fatty meat doesn’t make you fat. Sugar doesn’t make you fat. “Pure fat” doesn’t make you fat. But, as you probably know by know, consuming too many calories will make you fat. Consume too much broccoli and you’ll get fat. You’ll just get severely uncomfortable from consuming so much broccoli before that happens. Too much healthy food? You gain fat. Too much pasta, ice cream or potato chips? You gain fat. You get the picture. So what’s the difference. Well, you usually stop at one nutritious meal naturally but can’t stop eating potato chips or chocolate. One plate of pasta may be the same size as a salad but have half the calories. One salad may have half the calories from another if one has more healthy but very calorie dense oil, like olive oil. The other issue is some people seemingly have no problem being around cookies and can easily stop at 2-4. Whereas, on the other side of the spectrum, you may consume the whole box. And not to mention all the health benefits aside from fat from eating more real and natural food. And less empty calories. So no, don’t aim for zero “bad foods,” that’s unrealistic and could even be a risky way for you to relate to food. But also don’t reason just because it’s all about calories you should get 1200 calorie a day from peanut butter and jam. @chadhargrove1

And now back to your regularly scheduled transformations:

Giving up is something I used to do a lot. When things became hard, I just quit. I did not want to fail, fall down, lose or be unsuccessful. I let all of my own insecurities and labels…all of the comments, judgments, and jokes define me and I stopped trying to prove anyone wrong. I was tired of fighting. I was tired of always trying to lose weight, tired of trying to impress others. I gave up. I became good at it. I became so good, that I found myself weighing over 500 pounds.  Not because I did not want to change or lose weight or live a healthy and happy life or because I liked being overweight. The truth was, I stopped trying. I just completely gave up.  I do not have a secret pill, a magic wand I can wave over you to give you motivation. There is no special wrap or tea that will give you results. The only secret I can share with you as to how I lost 350 pounds is that I decided I was tired of quitting. I knew what it felt like to quit. So I just decided that it was time to actually TRY. To actually take full responsibility for my actions and for my choices and stop giving up on myself!  I know what it feels like to quit. So I decided to tell myself, let’s see what can happen if I don’t give up and quit!  So for anyone who may be struggling, whether it’s weight related or not. We all know what it feels like to give up, especially when it’s hard, challenging or we need to put work or effort in. So right now, let’s promise ourselves that we will not quit just because it’s hard.gymmotivation.gymlife

Hard work and dedication save the day once again.

This is the product of nothing but hard work and dedication. When you’re truly fed up with being overweight and unhealthy, you make a promise to yourself to truly focus on your diet and workouts. That means going hard in the gym even when you don’t feel like it. It also may mean eating the same foods day after day, or new foods you wouldn’t normally eat. You won’t die without fast food! Naturally losing weight is hard but it can be done! In 8 months I lost 122lbs. If I can do it you can too! The only person stopping you is yourself. I am rooting for you! gymmotivation.gymlife

This entire family went on a journey together!

A Chinese family spent 6 months working out together and as you can see, the transformation photos are awe-inspiring. gymmotivation.gymlife

Looking great, Linda!

Pam Poovey last year to Linda Belcher with her spice rack this year. On my way to surgery to get my gallbladder out, so I’ll catch you on the flip side! @losing_for_health

You’re always worth it.

While the physical change you see here may be drastic, the biggest change remains unseen. The mental shift that has occurred along this journey is truly life changing! The woman on the left was ready to take on the world but was easily burnt out by putting everyone else first. The woman on the right has learned self-value, self-worth, self-love, and most of all self-care. Because she has learned these things, she is now better able to serve those in her life. Did it happen overnight? Nope. Is it sunshine and rainbows every day? Also nope. But the growth was and is worth the pain and struggles. You are worth it! Do. Hard. Things.@miss_itty_britty

You go, girl!

Show Zel some LOVE! She found her happiness, confidence, and strength. Without any surgery but hard work and consistency. The hardest part is not working out but getting started. Just start right where you are and NEVER look back.@yesiambella

The couple that gets swole together, stays together.

Relationship Goals: glow up and Grow Up Together – January of 2017 we set a goal of competing in a body-building competition, little did we know how hard it was going to be or what it was going to take. After some time we both needed to get our heads right and learn to control our food cravings. Y’all have no idea!! This year, 2018, went at it again, and because we took the time to get our minds right together, we both will be competing this fall. I couldn’t have done this without my swole-mate!” –@_fitbaby and @gabriel_davvidfit

Sometimes, the pain is worth it.

Woke up this AM  feeling every ache and pain of this past week’s workouts… and I couldn’t help but smile. As my 32nd bday approaches, I can’t help but reflect on all the changes I’ve made this year, all the struggles and challenges I’ve overcome! I’m so grateful for these aches and pains. They are a reminder of how I work, and that there is so much more work to be done! I’m grateful for it all!@badbrisco1

Whatever your goals, you can meet them!

I lost a significant amount of weight year one. I stayed away from carbs and I did a lot of cardio with my trainer. I lost weight Year 2 but overall it has really been about maintenance and toning. Almost halfway done with year two and although I’m content with my progress, I want to go harder. Never stop setting goals and doing whatever’s necessary to achieve them! This journey is NEVER over and I’m in it to win it!!! @vivacious_vsg

Don’t be afraid to mess up.

Vacation then vs. vacation now. Sometimes you forget how far you’ve come! I still look at pictures and appreciate every tear, every struggle, and every pain through my weight loss journey. You’re going to mess up, you’re going to get discouraged, some days you won’t see results. It’s your determination and discipline that’s gonna push you to strive for excellence on those days. Stay strong and keep pushing guys I know you can do it! @hazeleyed_k

The workouts and dieting don’t have to be miserable.

Today I’m just so grateful for this journey. Before I always thought of losing weight and getting in shape as such a miserable task, but I never knew how freeing and empowering it could be. I have learned to fall in love with the journey along the way and it has been such an amazing ride. I don’t feel deprived and defeated. I feel strong and proud. @wwelizabethevolving

Stress and life can knock us off course, but we can still come back stronger.

I lost 80 lbs. stress, life, new jobs all took me in the whirlwind of “holy shit I’m getting fat again!” Clothes not fitting right, sitting in my closet, wind cut short, the stiffness of my spine being crushed by an obligation to carry my weight daily. Our bodies speak to us. They let us know how we’re doing on the inside. I even added plantar fasciitis to the mix and I believe with all my heart that the wear and tear that this extra weight puts on my body has something to do with it.  In April of this year, I had had it so I dipped my feet into what was a strict diet. I managed to lose 10-12 lbs. I have never been good with strict. Diets suck! My friend @keto.martha introduced me to keto and it’s been smooth sailing ever since. The weight has come off slower than I would like but I realize that I am impatient sometimes (a lot of the times) it takes us years to put on the weight and we expect magic overnight when we are finally ready and Willing to put in the work. That’s not how life works. Little by little a drop forms a flood. Know that your actions make a difference. Little by little. We can do this! Yes! Weight loss makes me so happy about how I am looking physically but that’s not all. Weight loss has given me my mobility back, my life back. This isn’t about fat shaming because there are some beautiful ass fluffy ladies out there (myself included) I just know that knee pain, back pain, sleep apnea, shortness of breath, lack of energy and stamina is NOT how a 20-year-old should live their life. We were meant for greatness and YOU DESERVE THIS@nathalie.cassandra   Are you inspired to make a new resolution? Know anyone who might want to join you? Share these stories!